The 2016 GOP Primary Money Race: How Much Did the Candidates Raise?

Carly Fiorina Speaks at CPAC. Getty Images

Below are the results of the first filing period of the 2016 Presidential campaign and the figures that show what each campaign raised, spent, and has remaining so far. SuperPAC spending - which will play a huge role in the 2016 primary and general election campaigns - is not figured in here. SuperPACs cannot legally coordinate with campaigns and can raise unlimited funds from donors. (Most of the candidates have a millionaire or two backing them separately, often giving far ore than what their campaigns bring in.) Direct donations to campaigns are capped at $2,700 for the primary and $2,700 for the general election. As a result, these figures are often a reflection of how much support they have on the ground as it takes many more people to build a significant war chest. So, how do the candidates stack up so far? (Listed by cash-on-hand)

Marco Rubio

Raised: $12.9M   Spent: $3M    Cash-on-hand: $9.9M

The US Senator from Florida leads the field in thriftiness and is second to Ted Cruz in overall fundraising for the campaign. Supportive SuperPACs have another $31M for him as well.

Ted Cruz

Raised: $13.9M   Spent: $5.5M    Cash-on-hand: $8.5M

Cruz's fast start in fundraising is thanks in part to being the first major candidate to announce and, subsequently, receive a flurry of attacks from the left. He also has a healthy donor base in Texas. On the downside, he has spent more than any other Republican so far and has dipped in the polls.

Jeb Bush

Raised: $11.4M   Spent: $3M    Cash-on-hand: $8.4M

By announcing just two weeks before the filing deadline, Jeb just missed out on topping the field in money raised and remaining. But with $100M raised for his SuperPAC - with some controversy - is a pretty major consolation prize.

Ben Carson

Raised: $10.2M   Spent: $5.4M    Cash-on-hand: $4.8M

The big-time neurosurgeon and author kept pace with the field, but also went through money quicker than most.

Rand Paul

Raised: $6.9M   Spent: $2.8M    Cash-on-hand: $4.2M

This has to be a fairly disappointing number for Paul who hoped to build a potent grassroots army. He isn't likely to rope in the big checks from SuperPACs, either.

Lindsey Graham

Raised: $3.7M   Spent: $1.1M    Cash-on-hand: $2.6M

Though about 40% of his take came from a transfer from another committee, this is pretty good for a candidate few are taking seriously.

Carly Fiorina

Raised: $1.7M   Spent: $714K   Cash-on-hand: $990K

She's impressed quite a few people on the trail so far. Though her take isn't massive, she is sitting ahead of 3 former top presidential candidates.

Mike Huckabee

Raised: $2M   Spent: $1.1M    Cash-on-hand: $885K

The 2008 Iowa Caucus winner has had a very quiet start to his campaign.

Rick Perry

Raised: $1.5M   Spent: $598K    Cash-on-hand: $884K

A lackluster figure from the former Texas Governor who has clearly been running for the past 2 years.

Bobby Jindal

Raised: $578K   Spent: $65K    Cash-on-hand: $514K

Jindal's fundraising not as bad as it looks: his campaign launched just a week before the close of the quarter.

Donald Trump

Raised: $1.9M*   Spent: $1.4M    Cash-on-hand: $488K

Despite making a "splash" and jumping in the polls, Trump managed to raise just $96K in his first two weeks. The other $1.8M came from a personal loan. At the rate he is spending and receiving, he may not get it back. (And while 2 weeks isn't a lot of time, Jindal raised 5X that in 1 week, Jeb over $11M in the same frame, and Cruz, Paul, and Rubio far more in their first few days.

Rick Santorum

Raised: $607K   Spent: $376K    Cash-on-hand: $232K

Santorum would remind us he won Iowa in 2012 with a similarly small fortune.

But this isn't 2012, the competition is far better, and his name recognition much higher. A big disappointment.

George Pataki

Raised: $256K   Spent: $48K    Cash-on-hand: $208K

He theoretically has a big base to pull from (New York) but there's little chance the pro-choice liberal former governor is going to make much of an impact.


*Note: Scott Walker launched his campaign after the close of the quarter

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