What Songs Are Considered the Great Northern Soul Classics?

'Do I Love You' by Frank Wilson Tops the List

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Question: What songs are considered the great Northern Soul classics?

Answer: The term Northern Soul refers to obscure soul music of the mid-'60s that enjoyed a renaissance beginning in the north of England that lasted into the '80s. The Top 20 most popular Northern Soul songs, as compiled by Wigan Casino DJ Kev Roberts from fan surveys, are:

1. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) - Frank Wilson
2. Out on the Floor - Dobie Gray

 You Didn't Say a Word - Yvonne Baker
4. The Snake - Al Wilson
5. Long After Tonight Is Over - Jimmy Radcliffe
6. Seven Day Lover - James Fountain
7. You Don't Love Me - Epitome of Sound
8. Looking for You - Garnet Mimms
9. If That's What You Wanted - Frankie Beverly & the Butlers
10. Seven Days Too Long - Chuck Wood
11. The Right Track - Billy Butler
12. Stick by Me Baby - Salvadors
13. I Really Love You - Tomangoes
14. Time Will Pass You By - Tobi Legend
15. Landslide - Tony Clarke
16. Too Late - Larry Williams & Johnny "Guitar" Watson
17. You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies - Dana Valery
18. Walking Up a One Way Street - Willie Tee
19. If You Ever Walk Out of My Life - Dena Barnes
20. There's a Ghost in My House - R. Dean Taylor