The Haney Project

Hank Haney teaches celebrities on The Haney Project
Hank Haney teaches celebrities on The Haney Project, a television series on Golf Network. Scott Halleran / Getty Images

The Haney Project is a television series on the Golf Channel starring golf instructor Hank Haney. Each season Haney is joined by one or more celebrity golfers who want to improve their golf games. The series follows Haney's instruction of those celebrities and the progression (or lack of same) in their performance on the golf course.

In recent years, the series has aired eight episodes for one season, typically airing beginning in February.

The Haney Project Debut

The first episode of the first season of The Haney Project aired on Golf Channel on March 2, 2009.

Seasons of The Haney Project

  • Season 1: Charles Barkley. Barkley is the NBA legend, but as good at basketball as Barkley is, that's how bad he is at golf. At the time Barkley signed on for the first season of The Haney Project, his golf swing had become a national punchline. He had a "hitch" that was so bad he stopped the club in the middle of his downswing, restarting in order to hit the ball. Haney taking on Barkley for a TV series was brave on the part of both these men. Haney did, in fact, get Barkley playing good golf in practice, but by the end of the Season 1 Barkley was still unable to take his improved swing onto the course - the hitch returned when he got onto a golf hole and was being watched.
  • Season 2: Ray Romano. Season 1 of The Haney Project was such a success for the Golf Channel that the series became a regular on the network. Romano was the co-star of the second season. Romano is a comedian and actor best-known for the long-running television season Everybody Loves Raymond.
  • Season 3: Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh is a conservative talk radio host.
  • Season 4: This was the first season of The Haney Project in which Haney worked with more than one student. He had four celebrity students for season 4: rock star Adam Levine, boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, model Angie Everhart and chef Mario Batali.
  • Season 5: Michael Phelps. The swimming legend is the owner of a record 22 Olympic medals, including a record 18 gold medals.

The Haney Project Online

The Golf Channel's website includes a section devoted to The Haney Project that is the series' official site. There you can find information about each season of the series history, including blogs, plus videos - including full episodes.

About Hank Haney

Hank Haney is one of the most famous golf instructors in the world. His first brush with fame happened in the 1990s when he began working with Mark O'Meara. Haney was an accomplished instructor before that, though, winning the PGA Teacher of the Year award in 1993. His fame exploded when he replaced Butch Harmon as the swing coach of Tiger Woods. Haney worked with Woods from 2004 into 2010. After quitting as Woods' swing coach, Haney swore off working with tour professionals. He continues to work with junior golfers and lends his name to the Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy, and also runs multiple teaching facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.