The Haunted Convent School

Girls are frightened by the activity and little laughing figure at a haunted boarding school

This happened in 1976 when I was ten. It isn't very dramatic, but it was quite scary enough for me. I was at a convent boarding school in rural Norfolk, U.K. The school was shaped like a squared-off C with the fourth year classroom at the bottom right at ground level with the third year classroom between it and the rest of the school.

A corridor ran from the fourth year classroom and past the third. It had a strip of window at the top, but above my head height so I couldn't see into the classroom.

At weekends the pupils were allowed to watch TV after tea and before bed. Toward the end of tea, two girls would be sent to the fourth year classroom to put chairs out, as this was where the only TV was.

One winter evening, my friend Geraldine and I were chosen for this job. I finished tea before her and set off for the classroom. I got into the fourth year classroom, and before I could put the lights on I heard something from the third year room I had just passed. It sounded like shuffling and desks being nudged and chairs moved. I couldn't see into the room, but the sounds were moving toward the door of the room. It seemed that whatever made the noise would get to the door before before I could run past it back into the main part of the school.

At that time of day, every member of the tiny school was in the kitchen or dining room. No one would be in that classroom, in the dark.

As I stood there, Geraldine came down the corridor. The noises stopped and I switched the light on in the fourth year room. I felt I had almost been trapped by something, but characteristically for me, I didn't say anything about it.

We got the room ready for TV watching.

Later that winter a couple of third year girls had permission to go into their classroom after dark to fetch something. They didn't bother with the lights. (I heard this story in some detail.) In the room they saw a small figure that laughed at them. It was not anyone from the school. They ran out screaming. After this, no one was allowed into that part of the school at night and no explanation was given. I am glad I never saw whatever it was.

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