The Jake Drake Series

Chapter Books Popular With Ages 7 to 10

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Jake Drake Bully Buster - Chapter Book Cover
Jake Drake Bully Buster by Andrew Clements. Simon and Schuster

Summary of the Jake Drake Series

The Jake Drake series of chapter books by  Andrew Clements features entertaining stories in which the title character shares his experiences in elementary school from being bullied to being (horrors!) the teacher's pet. At 80 to 112 pages, the books are a good length for independent readers ages 7 to 10, who enjoy stories about school experiences that are both humorous and provide some food for thought.

Overview of the Jake Drake Series

Title: Jake Drake Series

Author: Andrew Clements is the award-winning author of Frindle, which has sold more than 2.5 million copies. He has also written numerous other school stories for kids 8 to 12 (grades 3-7), as well as the Keepers of the School series for ages 7 to 10 (grades 2-5).

Illustrators: Cover illustrations by Marla Frazee, interior illustrations by Janet Pederson

Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Simon & Schuster

Main Character: Fourth grader Jake Drake shares his elementary school experiences as he tackles various problems, from being a bully magnet to becoming, much to his chagrin, the teacher's pet. The focus is on his experiences in second and third grade.

Story: The books in the Jake Drake series are what are called “school stories.” The bulk of the action takes place in an elementary school setting and the plots focus on typical school problems, such as bullying, and their solutions.

The tone of the books is light and humorous but there’s some substance here also.

Categories: School stories, chapter books, books for grades 2-5, books for ages 7-10, friendship

Length of Books: Between 80 and 112 pages

Recommended for: Independent readers, ages 7 to 10, grades 2-5

Available formats: Hardcover, paperback, audiobook and eBook

The Books in the Jake Drake Series

  • Title: Jake Drake, Bully Buster (Book 1)
    Story: Fourth grader Jake Drake tells the story of how he was a bully magnet from the time he was in day care until the second grade when he became a bully buster as he learned to cope with bully Link Baxter. Read my book review of Jake Drake, Bully Buster.
    Length: 80 pages
    ISBN: 9781416939337
  • Title: Jake Drake, Class Clown (Book 4)
    Story: Ten year old Jake Drake tells about his experiences at the end of second grade when a student teacher, Miss Bruce, took over as the teacher for three weeks. While the second graders enjoyed class with their regular teacher, Mrs. Brattle, Miss Bruce was strict and never smiled; in fact, she was down right grumpy. In an effort to make Miss Bruce smile, Jake decided to be the class clown, and things soon were out of control. By year's end, both Jake and Miss Bruce had learned valuable lessons.
    Length: 96 pages
    ISBN: 9781416949121
  • Title: Jake Drake, Know-It-All (Book 2)
    Story: Fourth grader Jake Drake has never liked know-it-alls, like Marsha and Kevin, who have plagued him since kindergarten. In this story, he tells about his efforts to become the top know-it-all when he was in the third grade and his school held its first annual science fair. The top prize was a new computer, just the model Jake had been wishing for. However, being a know-it-all was not exactly what Jake expected. By the time the science fair was over, Jake had decided he never wanted to be s know-it-all again.
    Length: 112 pages
    ISBN: 9781416939313
    • Title: Jake Drake, Teacher's Pet (Book 3)
      Story: As fourth grader Jake Drake looks back on third grade, he remembers what happened when he became the teacher's pet. Jake didn't set off to become the teacher's pet and his friends were not happy when he became the teacher's favorite. It wasn't fair! The more Jake tried to get out of being the teacher's pet, the worse he made the situation. It took the help of several adults for Jake to get things back on an even keel.
      Length: 96 pages
      ISBN: 9781416939320

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