The Leo Teen - Zodiac Signs

Credit: Adam Hester / Getty Image.

The Leo Teen takes a million selfies, but will closely protect her self-image. On social media, for example, she'll post only the best ones, even if that's just a few.  

  • In tropical astrology, based on the seasons and the Earth-Sun relationship, the dates for the Sun sign Leo are roughly July 21st to August 21st (the dates change every year). A birth chart gives you the big picture.
  • Leo's glyph resembles the main of the Lion, this sign's magnificent symbol. Like the Lion, Leo is fearsome at times, regal, proud, colorful, physically powerful, and a natural leader.
  • Leo’s health areas are the heart and pulmonary system, the spine and lower back.
  • Born with the Sun at its summertime brightest, Leo teens are prone to enthusiastic outbursts and have forceful, gregarious personalities.

A Leo Is Prone to Sudden Outbursts  

When the Sun is at its peak, it's the season of Sun sign Leo. If you're a Teen Lion, you roar often and have a naturally expressive manner. Life is a game to you at times, and you laugh a lot.

But you're also one to push for winning if there's a chance to be #1. You're a born leader, with a knack for whipping everyone up into a motivated frenzy.  You like competition.  

You love to be adorned, and like my younger Leo sister, might make it your business to be dressed in designer clothes. You're willing to make demands on parents that other teens shy away from.

Leo in Love Is Proud and Loyal

One gift of the Lion is being able to encourage others. You yourself shine when you get ample approval, and wilt when there's a lackluster response. It's a big deal for you to have friends that cheer you on. You really suffer when you're isolated or locked in a colorless, routine school program.

Your big ego is an asset, and not a negative, as some might declare. With a healthy confidence, you can lock on your goals, and be a high achiever. But your impact is not always scholastic -- sometimes your presence is felt on the social scene, and this is where you shine. 

You have a big impact on friends, and make the most of birthdays, graduation parties, school trips, holiday events. 

Big Personality

Take heart, Teen Leo, you'll rise above any attempts to turn you into an automaton worker drone. Draw on your self-assurance to discover your own colorful way. Time spent developing your sense of style, is a well spent, because your greatest creation is you, and your presence.

Every sign has a shadow side, and when you're horrid, you can be super bossy, disrespectful, and selfish. The Lion, we know has a lot of pride. Be alert to the ways too much pride throws you off balance. Healthy pride is your natural state, but when it's off the charts, you'll find that it can become a burden. Watch that you don't become rigid in your pride, since that most always leads to hard lessons.

Watch that you don't fall into the know-it-all trap because it ends up making you lose all perspective.

Your inner fire is intense, and a big part of how you work your magic. It can warm others, or burn them, and sometimes learning how to modulate your fire is trial and error.

Traditional Leo Categories

  • Leo's element is Fire.
  • Leo's quality is Fixed Signs.
  • Leo's ruler is the Sun.
  • Leo's opposite sign, or polarity, is Aquarius.
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A Performer Needs an Audience

  • Most Leos love to put on a show, like my sister who has everyone in stitches, when she performed as the Rock n' Roll Granny in middle school. There's a touch of the outrageous to Leo that lifts everyone's moods.
  • Leo is the sign of royalty, and like a cat, there's a need to rule over a territory; when controlling behavior goes overboard, you get the overbearing, arrogant, bossy Leo.
  • Leo’s confidence is contagious and inspires others to be their big Self, too. You can be a gift to your friends and parents, just by being you.
  • Leo shines in friendship, the rituals of romance, life’s celebrations and when in the company of children. You may enjoy babysitting, or spending time "parenting" your siblings.