What Songs Appear on the "The Matrix Reloaded: The Album" Soundtrack?

Featuring Linkin Park, Rob Zombie, and Rage Against the Machine

Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack
Maverick Records

The soundtrack to the second film of The Matrix franchise, The Matrix Reloaded was released by Warner Bros. / Maverick Records on April 29, 2003, about three weeks before the highly-anticipated sequel was released. It features tracks from contemporary rock artists including P.O.D., Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and Deftones. P.O.D. wrote their song "Sleeping Awake" specifically for The Matrix Reloaded, which was the only single released from the soundtrack.

After the huge box office success of The Matrix in 1999, many artists submitted music to be included on the two-disc soundtrack of the sure-to-be-hit sequel film. Other contributors to The Matrix Reloaded: The Album soundtrack include Fluke, Juno Reactor, Paul Oakenfold and Team Sleep (the side band of Deftones leader Chino Moreno). Linkin Park's instrumental "Session" also appears on the album. Music by Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Rage Against the Machine, and Rob Dougan also appeared on the soundtrack of the original film.

The second disc of The Matrix Reloaded: The Album soundtrack features excerpts from the film's score, which was mostly composed by Don Davis. Davis previously worked with the Wachowskis on Bound and The Matrix, and is also known for composing the music for other films like Jurassic Park III and Behind Enemy Lines.

The Matrix Reloaded: The Album reached #1 on the U.S. Billboard Movie Soundtracks Chart.

It was also certified Gold by the RIAA for selling 500,000 copies. The "Sleeping Awake" singleĀ  by P.O.D. peaked at #14 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks Chart, #20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart, and #42 on the UK Singles Chart.

The Matrix Reloaded: The Album Track List

Disc 1

  1. Linkin Park - "Session"
  1. Marilyn Manson - "This Is The New S**t"
  2. Rob Zombie - "Reload (Charlie Clouser Remix)"
  3. Rob Dougan - "Furious Angels" (Instrumental)
  4. Deftones - "Lucky You"
  5. Team Sleep - "The Passportal"
  6. P.O.D. - "Sleeping Awake"
  7. Unloco - "Bruises"
  8. Rage Against the Machine - "Calm Like A Bomb"
  9. Oakenfold - "Dread Rock"
  10. Fluke - "Zion"
  11. Dave Matthews Band - "When The World Ends (Oakenfold Remix)"

Disc 2

  1. Don Davis - "Main Title"
  2. Don Davis - "Trinity Dream"
  3. Juno Reactor - "Tea House"
  4. Rob Dougan - "Chateau"
  5. Juno Reactor - "Mona Lisa Overdrive"
  6. Don Davis vs. Juno Reactor - "Burly Brawl"
  7. Don Davis - "Reloaded Suite"

In August 2013, specialty record label LaLaLand released The Matrix Reloaded: The Complete Score, a limited edition 2-CD set that collected most of Don Davis' score that appeared in the film, parts of the score that were cut from the film, and alternate versions of music used in the film.

The Matrix Reloaded: The Complete Score Track List

Disc 1

  1. Don Davis - "Main Title/Trinity vs. Car"
  2. Don Davis - "Enter The Neb"
  3. Don Davis - "Smith At The Door"
  4. Rob Dougan - "Furious Angels"
  5. Don Davis - "Smith vs. Smith*/Free Flight"
  6. Don Davis - "The Wonder of Zion/The Lascivious Lift/Link and Zee"
  7. Don Davis - "Morpheus on the Mount/Zion Drum Source"
  1. Fluke - "Zion"
  2. Don Davis - "Goodnight Zion*/The Bane Transformation"
  3. Don Davis - "Bane Voyage"
  4. Don Davis - "First, I Must Apologize"
  5. Juno Reactor featuring Gocoo - "Teahouse"
  6. Don Davis - "The Industrial Highway"
  7. Don Davis - "Oracle Oratory"
  8. Don Davis - "The Purpose That Created Us"
  9. Don Davis vs. Juno Reactor - "Burly Brawl"
  10. Don Davis - "Council of Cool/Meeting the Merovingian"
  11. Don Davis - "Choice Is an Illusion"
  12. Don Davis & Juno Reactor - "Sample This"
  13. Don Davis - "Meet the Keymaker/Some Skill"
  14. Rob Dougan - "Chateau"
  15. Don Davis - "Double Trouble"
  16. Don Davis & Juno Reactor - "Mona Lisa Overdrive"

Disc 2

  1. Don Davis - "Truck vs. Truck/The Plan/Final Flight of the Vigilant"
  2. Don Davis - "Kill the Keymaker/Doddering Old Fool"
  3. Don Davis - "The Problem Is Choice/Window Switch/Neo Miraculous/No More Nebuchadnezzer/Conclusion Confusion"
  1. Kerry Walsh - "Niaiserie"
  2. Don Davis - "Burly Brawl (alternate)"
  3. Don Davis - "Chateau Swashbuckling (alternate)"
  4. Don Davis - "The Plan (with synth)"
  5. Don Davis - "Niaiserie (instrumental)"
  6. Don Davis - "Matrix Reloaded Suite"

Edited by Christopher McKittrick