The Miracle of Healing From Grief

God and the Angels Can Help You Recover From a Loved One's Death

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Working with God and his messengers, angels, you can experience the miracle of healing from the pain of grief. Hauser Patrice/ Images

When someone you love dies, the grief you experience hurts deeply. But if you look beyond your circumstances to the healing that God and the angels offer you, you can heal from grief's pain. Here’s how to pursue the miracle of healing from grief:

Allow Yourself Time to go Through the Stages of Grief

Expect to deal with shock, denial, emotional outbursts, bargaining with God, loneliness, depression, guilt and acceptance.

Don't be surprised by what you feel, and don't blame yourself for feeling it. Understand that it's all a natural part of grief.

Have patience with yourself as you go through the grieving process, which lasts a different amount of time for each person. The miracle of healing from grief isn't instant; it's a gradual process of experiencing your pain decrease and your trust in God increase. Don't get discouraged if your pain lingers longer than you think it should. When God allows you to go through pain, it's always because there are valuable spiritual lessons you can learn from that pain. Ask God to teach you whatever he wants you to learn from your grief that will help you -- such as developing more compassion or breaking free of worry.

Focus on God’s and Angels’ Love for You Instead of Your Circumstances

Choose to think about who God and the angels are instead of how depressing your circumstances are.

Read sacred scripture to remind yourself about their great love, which is bigger your grief.

Be Honest with God and the Angels

God and the angels already know how you feel, and they wants you to stay in communication with them. So don't be afraid to express your doubts and fears to them, or to ask them hard questions.

Choose to Believe that You Can Heal

Make the decision to believe that your tragedies can become opportunities for growth. Remember that God and the angels can bring good out of any bad situation. Ask them to give you a spark of hope to start a fire of healing in your life.

Look at Your Life from an Eternal Perspective

Ask God and the angels to help you see your life from a divine perspective so you can better understand how God will accomplish good purposes through your current pain.

Live One Choice at a Time

Rather than becoming overwhelmed when you think of how much healing you still need, decide to follow God's leading gradually, one choice at a time. Continually pray for the strength you need to do so.


Make prayer a regular habit. Know that when you communicate with God and the angels, you're inviting them to pour out powerful healing into your life.

Set Priorities

Deal with urgent necessities before other issues. Don't try to accomplish lots of big tasks while you're grieving. Rely on the strength that God and the angels give you to help you accomplish only what's important, and be content with that.

Take Care of Your Physical Needs

Your body can best focus its energy on healing if you get enough sleep and exercise, eat a nutritious diet, and drink plenty of pure water.

Share Your Burdens with People Who Care

Surround yourself with a strong social support network of friends and family members with whom you can talk about your grief and healing. Consider counseling with a trained professional who can help you if you feel stuck in one of the stages of grief.

Keep a Journal

Regularly write down your thoughts and feelings. Record how God and the angels are helping you as you move closer to healing.

Savor Memories of Your Loved One, but Don't Live in the Past

Seek God's presence with you now, and make plans for the future. Enjoy life whenever you can. Start new traditions if the old ones you shared with your loved one are too painful for you now. Begin new activities, especially ones in which you can serve others.

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