The Nail

Christian Poem About the Crucifixion

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"The Nail" is an original Christian poem submitted by an member. It is about the sacrifice and suffering of Christ on the cross.

The Nail

The nail is used for many things,
A useful securing tool;
A hammer is taken by the hand
And drives it, that's the rule.

A nail is needed when you build,
It's a necessary thing.
It was also used over two thousand years ago
To hang upon a tree, the King.

He took the pain and suffering
For all mankind, you see.
Yet He took the torture just for you,
And He took it just for me.

You cannot keep a good man down,
Through the years many have said.
He went down a man, and rose a King
To deliver the spiritually dead.

He is on the throne
At God's right hand.
The First, the Last,
The Great I Am.

No nail, no hammer can touch Him now--
The mighty King on high.
What He built is forevermore,
Salvation for you and I.

So when you see a simple nail with it's sharpened end,
And need to build or repair,
Lift up your eyes, your heart and mind
And thank Him with a prayer.

--Submitted by member, Laurene H. Bell

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