The Phantom Husband

Barbara is baffled and unnerved by the appearance of an entity that was her husband, but wasn't

March 8, Darlington County, Durham, England. My husband and I were sitting on my L-shaped corner couch watching TV and was engrossed in a "thriller" program. Both my dogs were asleep. In front of our sofa we have a square-shaped coffee table, a pretty snug fit between it and our legs.

My husband was walking sideways to come past me to go in the kitchen.

I lifted my legs and twisted my body to the right so he could pass easier, thinking, "Why on earth didn't he just walk round the table and turn left like he usually does." I was a bit miffed about him disturbing my vision!

I looked to my right and my husband was asleep next to me! I turned my head left again in shock and the "other" husband was gone! My husband was wearing a very dark olive green fleece top, yet when the "other" passed me he was wearing a medium grey coloured top!

When I thought about it later, I realised the "other" never caught himself against me as he passed as I would normally feel in such a tight space. I was a little disturbed, but didn't mention it to my husband until next day. Neither of us were worried and he believed me because we have had many sightings together in the many years of our marriage -- 52 to be exact -- in a few different houses.

We have had many electrical appliances breaking in the last few months and replacements breaking over and over  Things dropping with loud bangs, hearing beloved dead pets, etc.

All, I presume, leading up to this appearance. I think I'm going to asking my "visitors" to settle themselves.

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