The Benefits of a Post-Graduate Year

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Did you know that each year, a number of high school graduates opt to spend another year at high school? A private high school to be exact and enroll in a program known as the post-graduate year or PG year.

Over 150 schools worldwide offer postgraduate programs. Admissions standards vary as do the objectives of the postgraduate programs themselves. It probably makes a certain amount of sense to have a student stay on at his old school for the postgraduate year. If he wants to attend another school, he may find the admissions process almost as intimidating as applying to be a first-year student. On the other hand, admissions to a post-grad year at his old school will be a mere formality. Postgraduate years are particularly useful for boys who want an extra year to mature before moving on. The postgraduate year gives young men that little extra confidence which they might lack at the end of 12th grade.

PG or postgraduate year is a popular option for many students.

Personal Growth/Maturity

A post-graduate year gives students some extra time to strengthen academic skills, to participate in sports and to prepare for college admissions testing. For many students, it also gives them a little extra time to mature. Not every student is ready for the independent lifestyle at college, nor are they always prepare to live on their own for the first time. A post-graduate year at a boarding school gives students a chance to get used to an independent lifestyle in a supportive and nurturing environment. It can be a great stepping stone to prepare a student for college.

Improve College Admissions Chances

Many students choose to do a post-graduate year to improve their chances of admission to a particular college. College admissions can be fiercely competitive. If a student has his heart set on getting into a certain college, he may, in fact, be better off waiting out a year in the hopes that his application might be more favorably received. Most private schools offer experienced college counselors to help with the admission process and guide students to craft a personal path to excellence. 

Perfect Athletic Skills

Other students want to take a year before heading off to college to perfect their athletic skills. From a chance to play on a top team and get noticed by college sports recruiters to strength training and agility preparation, a post-graduate year can really give students a leg up on their competition, and get a student noticed by scouts who can get them into top schools. And, many elite athletes earn college scholarships, and a post-graduate year can make a student a more desirable candidate. 

Schools That Offer a PG Year

There is only one school that offers a PG program exclusively. That's Bridgton Academy in North Bridgton, Maine. All the other schools on the list below offer their PG year as a kind of 13th grade if you will.

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