The Republic of Rome 101

An Outline of Roman History From 300 B.C.-c.50 B.C.

Expansion of Roman Power - Map of the Expansion of Roman Power
Expansion of Roman Power - Map of the Expansion of Roman Power. PD "A History of Rome," by G.W. Botsford; New York: Macmillan (1914)

A sequel to my Outline of Greek History Topics, which is based on William Francis Allen's 1886 book, History Topics for the Use of High Schools and College, this one covers the Republican period of Rome.

Focusing on wars and nations, William F. Allen wrote when history students were less interested in cultural developments and personalities than we are.

His outline was a study guide; that is, a guide to further study.

So, using the topics he names, students were expected to do their own research. In my adaptation of his list, I wanted to add something of value to you, my readers, so there are hyperlinked, selected readings. Their sources are Theodor Mommsen, Livy, articles on this Ancient/Classical History site, and a useful public domain history of ancient Rome by Robert E. Pennell.

A dashed line separates the topics Allen notes as most important from those of secondary importance.

Roman History of the Republican Period 300- c. 50 B.C.

Although there is a general chronology within each of the four sections, you should consult this Roman Timeline for the sequence of events.

III. Roman Period. B.C. 300 to Christian Era

For the preceding two centuries, see Topics in Greek History.

A. Italy

B. The Conquest of the World.