The Santa Interviews - Short Christmas Play

"The Santa Interviews" by Wade Bradford is a new, royalty-free play that may be performed by schools, community theaters, and other non-profit organizations. Although the playwright (Wade Bradford) does not want any monetary compensation, he does have one request: If you use this play as a director, teacher, cast, or crew member, do a good deed. Just go do something nice for someone, that's all. Happy holidays!

The play takes place in the North Pole, in the offices of Santa's Workshop. One desk can serve as the Cookie Making station, and another desk, perhaps on the other side of the stage, can represent Santa's office. Two elves, Gimble (Male) and Macy (Female) work at a cookie table in the Dessert Department.

Read what happens next in "The Santa Interviews" by Wade Bradford.

You can also skip ahead to Part Two of the script, or check out the final part of this funny, ten-minute holiday play.