The Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

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Those who come from the Scorpio-Sagittarius borderlands are feral freedom lovers.  They're courageous risk-takers, and often tread (seemingly) fearlessly in taboo or dangerous psychic terrain. 

This native is like a volcano, sometimes dormant, other times actively spewing.  It's the Cusp of Revolution, and this rebel must have a cause. 

If you're born in November, from around the 18th to the 24th, you're a Scorpio-Sagittarius cusper.

  I would consider a 5 degree orb on either side of the Scorpio-Sagittarius border as a cusper.

If you have any planet on the cusp, you show traits of both signs, and that's sometimes an awkward melding.  Here, I'm mainly talking of the Sun Sign, since it's the central star of your chart. 

What is the Cusp?

The cusp is the range of degrees on either side of a Zodiac sign or House.  My take on cusps is that like the House divisions, the Zodiac sign diivsions are not fixed borders.  That seems silly to me, since astrology is a symbolic language, not a precise scientific one. 

One outstanding feature for this cusp is the shift from fixed to mutable, which can be likened to something of substance being mixed up or broadcast outward.  You have Scorpio's depth of soul and sixth sense busting out with Sagittarius' passion. 

I've noticed that these cuspers are driven to deliver truth in a whole, well researched package.

  As friends or intimates, they are unnervingly frank, but often sensitive to the deeper dimensions, too, and are sympathetic. 

The best of the Scorpio and Sagittarius is a generous spirit that sees into your soul.  He or she knows things, like your weaknesses, but has the heart not to use it against you.

Fire and Ice 

The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp is one of water and fire, and these are normally contradictory elements.  What's interesting here is that Scorpio is a water sign know for its intensity, a top fire sign trait. 

And symbolically, Scorpio's traditional ruler is Mars, the red planet of vitality and action.  Scorpio's modern ruler is Pluto, for its signature traits of psychic sleuthing, and getting to the heart of the matter. 

The revelatory gifts of both Scorpio and Sagittarius meet, and the result is often a character with an obsession to get to the bottom of things, and share that knowlege with others.  For example, I know a Scorpio-Sagittarius cusper with a hard-hitting web site that exposes what's hidden, especially to do with corruption in high places. 

The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusper wants to get to the root or source of something.  They are observers of energy, and the truth about what adds or drains vital energies.  They see into power machinations and have the bluntness to call it out.  That's why they are often called troublemakers to those who are manipulating others, or up to no good.

The Shadow and Sunny Optimism

Sagittarius' ruler is jovial Jupiter, and that's where this cuspers reputation for being an optimist.

  They're powerful visionaries, because they're optimistic even though they usually know what's really going on.  

And it's not blind faith, of someone who chooses not to look at anything negative.  So many talk of doing shadow work, but that doesn't mean they have they gone through the changes of the psyche that this requires.  There's a sense of dying and being reborn sometimes when new revelations come to light. 

The Sagittarius philosopher meets the Scorpio psychic detective in this cusp.  They can have a special talent for telling it like it is, and in a matter-of-fact way.  They're that friend that tells you the truth, not what what they know you want to hear. 

The confidence of the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusper comes from trusting life, by surrending to these revelatory changes.  They gain trust in their ability to put their intensity in service to a cause or vision.


There's a lot of confusion in our world these days, and this cusper has a gift for sussing out what's true, and has coherence.  And then with that intelligence, acting on it in a bold way.  Scorpio-Sagittarius cupsers can be guides in murky times, and also inspiring as leaders-by-example.   

With dark side elements of these two signs, you could be self-righteous to the extreme.  Or you could become an annoying know-it-all, that preys on others' weaknesses. 

The seasoned Scorpio-Sagittarius uses humor to deliver truth bombs, from a spirit of wanting to awaken or enlighten others. 

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