'The Sisterhood'--The Cast of TLC's Preachers' Wives Show

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'The Sisterhood'--Meet TLC's Preachers' Wives

The Sisterhood cast

TLC's reality show The Sisterhood follows five Atlanta women who are married to preachers. Far from reserved or demure, these women don't walk in their husbands' shadows but are themselves forces to be reckoned with.

And these aren't your grandma's preachers' wives. They talk openly about having sex, and doing drugs and dropping out of high school. They don't let their faith keep them from getting tattoos or rocking out dressed in leather or enjoying the finer things in life.

To be fair to the religious world, these women--who are also called "first ladies" in their churches, represent a small subset of evangelicalism associated with the Word of Faith prosperity theology, which maintains--among other things--that financial wealth is a blessing of God and should be embraced.

Meet the cast of The Sisterhood and find out more about these controversial preachers' wives.

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Domonique Scott of TLC's 'The Sisterhood'

Domonique Scott of TLC's 'The Sisterhood'

Domonique Scott (born April 1, 1967): Married to Pastor Brian D. Scott, Dominque Scott was also a Pastor at the couple's Good Life International Church (which, according to Christian News Network, closed in the fall of 2012).

A high school drop-out, Dominique later complete her GED and went back to school, getting a Master Degree in Business and pursuing a Doctrine in Christian Counseling. Dominque and Brain are the parents of four children: Jermicheal, Emmanuel, Brandy LaJoy, and TaylorJustice Lovejoy.

In one early episode of Sisterhood, Domonique points out the place she first smoked crack cocaine.

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Tara Lewis of TLC's 'The Sisterhood'

Tara Lewis of The Sisterhood on TLC
Tara Lewis: With her husband, Dr. Brian Lewis (a "Jewish believer in Jesus") Tara runs the Phenomenal Life Church, Inc; shares preaching duties; hosts their TV show, Phenomenal Life Today and authored the self-published ebook Fit, Fine & Fabulous: Reshape Yourself From the Inside Out!.

A certified fitness instructor and sports nutritionist, the 41-year-old Dallas native is also a self-described "mompreneur," who founded MomFit 4 Life, a company with the goal of "creating total life solutions for Moms across all platforms--Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Fashion, Family, Lifestyle and overall Momness (Mom + Hotness)." The company currently offers a digital magazine, a clothing line and a training program to "empower and equip Moms to redefine themselves and reach personal wellness goals," and she's working on a reality TV fitness competition for Moms.

Tara and Brian have three children.

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Ivy Couch of TLC's 'The Sisterhood'

Ivy Couch of TLC's The Sisterhood

Ivy Couch: Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Ivy moved to Atlanta to attend Spellman College, where she graduated in 2000. She is married to Pastor Mark A. Couch (born September 24, 1974), founder of Emmanuel Tabernacle Church in Atlanta.

Before marrying a preacher, Ivy was a singer/songwriter who worked with a number of successful artists, including the band Xscape, which launched the career of star Kandi Burrus.

In an early episode of Sisterhood, Ivy's husband Mark gives her a pair of handcuffs, causing her to remark, "People don’t expect a preacher and his wife to have a good sex life."

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DeLana Rutherford of TLC's 'The Sisterhood'

Photo of Myles and DeLana Rutherford from TLC's The Sisterhood

DeLana Rutherford DeLana joins her husband Myles in running their church, Worship with Wonders, which they founded in 2006. DeLana is also pastor at the church.

DeLana and Myles are also singer/songwriters and DeLana frequently performs in leather pants and spiked heels (and she occasionally wears a nose ring). The couple has two children: Brooklyn and Lyncoln.

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Christina Murray of TLC's 'The Sisterhood'

Christina Murray of TLC's The Sisterhood

Christina Murray: Like the other Sisterhood wives, Christina joins her husband Anthony Murray in running their church, The Oasis Family Life Church, which they founded in Dallas, Georgia in 2006. The fact that she's Latina and he's of African American heritage reportedly speaks to their multicultural congregation.

The couple have two teenage daughters, Jasena and Jade. In the first episode, Christina reveals that she's had breast implants.