'The Tempest' Act 3

Summary for 'The Tempest' Act 3

The Tempest, Act 3, Scene 1

Ferdinand enters carrying a log and Miranda feels sorry for him having to do manual labour. Miranda tells Ferdinand to rest but he refuses in order to appear brave and masculine.

Prospero sees that his daughter has fallen for Ferdinand and is not happy. Ferdinand tells Miranda that he has fallen for her and Miranda reciprocates. They decide to marry. Prospero is not happy and decides to hatch a plan.

The Tempest, Act 3, Scene 2

Enter Caliban, Stefano and Trinculo. Caliban is being servile to Stefano treating him like a worthy master; Trinculo disapproves and Caliban and Trinculo have a mutual distain for one another.

Caliban asks Stefano to stick up for him and he does. Caliban explains how badly he has been treated by Prospero and asks Stefano to seek revenge.

Ariel arrives and accuses Caliban of lying about his poor treatment at the hands of Prospero. None of the characters can see Ariel and Stefano – and Caliban punishes Trinculo for Ariel’s comments believing Trinculo has said them himself.

Caliban entreats Stefano to burn Prospero’s books while he is asleep to prevent him from performing magic and then to kill him.

Caliban explains that Prospero’s daughter is very beautiful and that if Stefano killed her father he could marry her, and they could become King and Queen of the island. Stefano likes the idea and agrees to go ahead with the plot.

Ariel has heard the three plotting and planning and exits.

The Tempest, Act 3, Scene 3

Enter Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, Adrian and Francisco. Gonzalo and Alonso are exhausted having travelled far across the island.

Antonio aside, urges Sebastian to go through with his plan to kill Alonso and Gonzalo, to which he agrees.

Spirits enter bringing a table and a banquet and urge the king and his companions to eat. Gonzalo recognises the spirits as kind and gentle and Prospero watching in the background praises his honour.

Alonso, Sebastian and Antonio approach the table to eat. Ariel swoops in and addresses the men as sinners reminding them of what they did to Prospero. He then disappears.

Prospero explains that they are now in his power and that he will leave them while he goes to visit Ferdinand who is in love with his daughter.

Gonzalo, Francisco and Adrian go towards the others and ask why they are staring and acting strangely. Alonso explains that the winds spoke of Prospero. Gonzalo interprets this as guilt for what they have done resurfacing and goes with Adrian to follow them.

Top Quotes from The Tempest, Act 3

Some of The Tempest's most well-known quotes from Act Three of the play. Here are a few highlights from The Tempest, Act 3.

  • "O heaven, O earth, bear witness to this sound,
    and crown what I profess with kind event
    If I speak true; if hollowly, invert
    what best is boded me to mischief: I,
    Beyond all limit of what else i' th' world,
    Do love, prize, honour you."
    The Tempest, Act 3, Scene 1

  • "As I told thee before, I am subject to a tyrant, a sorcerer that by his cunning hath cheated me of the island."
    The Tempest, Act 3, Scene 2

  • "And that most deeply to consider is
    The beauty of his daughter. He himself
    Calls her nonpareil. I never saw a woman
    But only Sycorax, my dam, and she;
    But she as far surpasseth Sycorax
    As great'st does least."
    The Tempest, Act 3, Scene 2

  • "You are three men of sin, whom destiny,
    That hath to instrument this lower world
    And what is in't, the never-surfeited sea
    Hath caused to belch up you, and on this island
    Where man doth not inhabit-you 'mongst men
    Being most unfit to live. I have made you mad"
    The Tempest, Act 3, Scene 3