The Third House (Mercury)

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The Third House is the zone of the changeable mind, and your answer to the question, "What's up?"  That's what this House knows.  It's what you saw and heard today.

It makes me think of the front porch, as a meeting place, or the corner store.  And yet, the Third House is all about being on the move, picking up snippets and snippets, and learning new things.


Gemini, The Hood, Siblings, School Mates, Blogs and Podcasts,, Co-Workers, Aunts and Uncles, Extended Family (Cousins), Short Trips, Local Color, Brief Exchanges, Translating what's Seen

What's Your Take on Life?  

The creation of our thought patterns begins in the earliest learning environment. As we’re moving through life, the Third House is made up of all those that add a piece to the mosaic of our worldview.

That means siblings, cousins, neighbors and school mates, and familiar faces we meet while out and about. Planets here influence what kinds of stimulation we’re hungry for, including our curiosity about the lives of others.

This House tells a lot about how you behave in the marketplace and neighborhood. It includes all those random meetings in the waiting room, bank line, library and grocery aisle.

Are you friendly or standoffish; generous with your thoughts or reserved; curious or closed-minded? Someone with a strong Third House enjoys a life of short, stimulating exchanges. They thrive in careers in media, education, restaurant and hotel, tourism and buying and selling.

It influences whether you find dealing with the local public draining or uplifting.

It's the answer to the question - what's your medium?  How do you share what you know?  And also, how do you adapt to your ever-changing environment?  This is a mutable House, where you're apt to show how flexible you are in the face of that change.

What's on Your Mind?

The Third House shows the circles our mind travels in. Are you preoccupied with celebrity gossip, or the goings-on of the people on your street, or a smattering from both. It tells how hungry you are for breaking news, and new morsels of thought to chew on.

The polarity is the Ninth House, and they relate to the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity.  The Third is all that's collected, a lot of it seemingly random.  It's the many versions you can have of current events. The Ninth House is when dots are connected, for the bigger picture.  Often then, there is a guiding principle, like that of objective truth.  

The Third House is about the idea carnival all around us, from TV to magazines, and the Internet. Writing for the Web is an emerging style with a third house flavor – quick links to other pages of info, less dense with text, on the fly blogging, etc.

In reading charts, I've observed that a strong Third House, like with many planets there, often inspires the person to be "in the know."  They stay up-to-date and are always hungry to know more. 

This house is about our changing life script, the one that places us in the community. It’s how your story shapeshifts as new information comes in.

The Third House guides your style of giving and receiving little gems of the mind – anecdotes, observations, witticisms and news of the immediate environs.

It’s a House that includes getting around locally, short trips and the means of transport like motorcycles, mopeds, bikes and so forth.

It’s the nervous, stimulation-seeking house of Gemini, and dictates how frazzled or settled we appear when engaging socially. The sense of being wired to community, and the greater world, comes across from the flavor of this house. The potential found here is our ability to take in what we learn, and share it with others.

House of:

Gemini and Mercury


learning, impressions, neighbors, siblings, extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles), short trips, early school years, acquaintances, market exchanges, curiosity, mind candy, nervous system