The Top 10 Best Free Web Humor Apps

Get your laughs on-the-go with these ten great humor apps.

With more and more web users logging in from their smart phone or tablet, many popular humor websites are coming out with their very own web apps. Now, instead of browsing your favorite daily reads on your computer, you can load them on your mobile device and browse whenever and where ever your little heart desires.

The best part? Many of these apps are free to download and use. Sure, you might see some small, relatively unobtrusive ads here and there, but that's a small price to pay for good laughs on-the-go. Here's my list for the top ten web humor apps that you can download right now without paying a dime. Be forewarned, however: These apps are ridiculously addictive and will not help ease your mobile phone dependency!

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Imgur app phones
Via Imgur.

It's no secret that I adore Imgur, the image sharing website where memes, gifs, and viral images are born. The site originated as a photo sharing utility for Reddit, but it has since take on a life of its own, complete with loyal followers, inside jokes, and a must-read comment section.

Their spiffy new mobile version is exactly as good as the website. The only caveat is that you can't receive private messages via mobile, so you'll still have to log in to the website for that. However, you can still browse the most popular and viral images from the day, scroll forward and backwards through the day's hottest images, leave and read comments, wallow in user sub, and more. This is one time-suck that absolutely, positively doesn't suck. More »

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Funny AF

Funny AF app
Via iTunes.

Formerly "Funny Pics," this app was developed by mobile development team StuckPixel, Inc.. This simple app is similar to the Imgur app in that it features hot viral images, memes, and Photoshop creations. The app is free, loads quickly, and allows users to quickly and easily download or share images with just a few taps.

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Courtesy: The Onion.

Fans of newspaper-format satire site The Onion will be happy to learn that you can now get their brand of biting, irreverent wit on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. When the app was first released, it had a lot of bugs and other issues, but they have now redesigned it from top to bottom. The result is sleek, easy to use, and lots of fun. Just don't mistake the content on this site for real news. Though their headlines may be based on current events, their take on things is distinctively snarky, not realistic.

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Courtesy: Lamebook.

You know that feeling you get when you log onto Facebook and you see that someone has posted something completely idiotic, blatantly racist, or simply morally questionable? The people at Lamebook not only know that feeling, but they have designed an entire website around it.

Lamebook is a parody site that lampoons Facebook and its multitude of ridiculous and clueless users. The site provides hours of voyeuristic fun, allowing you to take a glimpse into other people's Facebook feeds to see the silly stuff people post, and it's is now available in app format. Just like the full site, Lamebook is a fun internet destination if you're looking to feel a little bit morally or intellectually superior to your fellow social media users. More »

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Courtesy: Break.

Break is one of the most popular humor sites on the internet, specializing in viral videos, compilation videos, crazy pranks, fails, animated gifs, and bizarre, but funny, images. The app is allows you to browse the entire Break site mobily. Users can also upload their own images and videos from their camera.

Break is one of our picks for great YouTube Channels, and the mobile app is a good way to keep track of their ever-expanding video catalog. More »

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Via iFunny.

With a tagline like "Get your daily dose of fun," it's easy to see why this colorful and vibrant app is so popular. If you're looking for funny web comics and memes, this app is a good bet. More »

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Via iTunes.

While many purists (read: 4channers or Imgurians) revile 9gag as a repost site, there's no denying that it's good entertaining, mindless fun. Funny web content might not originate on 9gag, but it certainly ends up there eventually. More »

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Bacon Reader

Bacon Reader app
Via iTunes.

Available for both Apple and Android, the Bacon Reader app provides us with one thing that doesn't exist otherwise: access to Reddit. For some odd reason, Reddit has yet to produce an app of its own, so Bacon Reader took it upon itself to do the work for you.

The design is sleek, simple, and even more user friendly than Reddit itself. This is one app that any Reddit fan simply can't live without.

Rage Face F U
Via Know Your Meme.

The name of the app says it all! If you like Rage Comics, check this one out. More »

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Via iTunes.

Smosh is a fun, goofy website that caters to 20-somethings. Their app is a condensed version of the site, with funny listicles, meme collections, and original videos. More »

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