The Top 10 Conservative News and Opinion Websites

Must Reads for Conservative Opinion and Insight

The original list of top conservative websites introduced readers to a broad range of well-established websites aimed at educating and informing a conservative audience. As times change, so to changes the websites we view and the reasons we view them. While we still recommend the original list, the 2012 edition features new or quickly growing conservative websites, websites with a tea party focus, and sites that focus on grassroots opinion and involvement. Feel free to bookmark this page to click the links daily for updated and informative opinion from today's edgier conservative websites. (Related: View Top Conservative Movies and Writers.)

Washington Free Beacon

Founded in 2012, the Washington Free Beacon offers a wide variety of fresh content that includes unique investigative journalism and biting satire. It is one of the few website that constantly delivers solid information and solid laughs. More »

While The American Thinker will not blow you away with graphics, flashy videos, or a multi-media assault, it will blow you away with conservative opinion content. The American Thinker publishes exclusive content that can’t be found elsewhere, often from impressive grassroots Americans with an opinion and a keyboard. The American Thinker invites readers to join the discussion and submit content for either their blog or their column pages. More »

National Review Online remains the premier destination for conservative thought and is one of the leading websites on foreign policy information. Don't forget to sign-up for the newsletters, especially the G-File by columnist and author Jonah Goldberg. More »

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A website by multimedia personality Glenn Beck, the Blaze is a wide-ranging site featuring breaking news, exclusive commentary, and a blog. One strong portion of the website focuses on faith. Adding to the quality of The Blaze is the site’s “Real News” section that has independent content created and delivered in a news-magazine format. More »

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Formerly known as Pajamas Media, PJ Media is a site of exclusive commentary delivered in column and blog format from a number of influential conservatives. Check out the PJ Tatler link for interesting tidbits that focuses on beltway news and gossip. One of the chief goals of PJ Media is to “defend, protect and preserve what made, and will continue to make, America great.” More »

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Founded by Michelle Malkin in 2012, Twitchy finds and highlights the top news items, stories, and events posted on social media site Twitter and showcases the best tweets related to those stories. The website is one part informative and one part entertainment. If you like to know the news before it makes the news from a conservative angle, twitchy offers all the excitement that could possibly be had in 140 characters or less. More »

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Originally founded by Erik Erickson, Red State offers up exclusive and unique conservative opinion in an old-school blog style format. The group also hosts Red State gathering each year, where politicians and aspiring presidential candidates often attend to try and convince the conservative grassroots base. More »

Readers interested in daily news and updates regarding the culture of life should check out Life Site News. A combination of news and opinion, Life Site News covers topics including abortion, euthanasia, family, faith, stem cell research, and bioethics. The site highlights pro-life activists across the country. The purpose of the website is “to provide balance and more accurate coverage on culture, life and family matters” and their stories are also available in daily newsletters. More »

The Weekly Standard is home to some of the top conservative thinkers including Bill Kristol, Stephen Hayes, and Fred Barnes. The content and style remains decidedly old school, often refreshingly so. More »

The Federalist is newer website that focuses on a mixture of culture, religion, and politics. The website is made up of unique content and is not a straight news delivery website. It often offers counter-point arguments on developing news stories. More »