The Top 15 Conservatives to Follow on Twitter

See What These Right-Leaning Personalities Have to Say

There are many conservatives using the social networking app Twitter, but figuring out the best ones to follow is tough. Some conservative accounts rarely tweet, others may not be that interesting, and a few will just waste your time. One quick way to find a large pool of conservative tweets is to use the "Top Conservatives on Twitter" hashtag, "#tcot," in your Twitter search box. But this will give you so many options that you might not have the time to sort through them all.

To make your life easier, here is a list of the top 15 conservatives on Twitter. You'll find what each account brings to the table and some sample tweets that will give you a feel for what kind of style and content to expect.


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One of the most interesting conservatives on Twitter, Michelle Malkin is an accomplished author, blogger, and political commentator. Her tweets often have an edge to them and sometimes provide links to her own insightful blogs or to other excellent conservative content. Once a Fox News contributor, she occasionally promotes her appearances on programs and columns, and she almost always offers amazing insight into what's happening in the world of government and politics. Unlike many high-profile political tweeters, Malkin isn't too proud to retweet or "tell it like it is" to her followers. Her tweets are funny, sharp, and informative.

Sample Tweet: "Getting elected in order to secure future Fox News contributor contracts, lobbyist jobs, think tank vanity projects for liberal Republican donors & invitations to Tim Cook & Jeff Bezos's next house parties." —June 9, 2020 (In response to a tweet asking, "What is the purpose of the GOP?")


National Tea Party founder and leader Michael Johns is also a former healthcare executive, White House speechwriter, Patriot Caucus chairman, and former policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation. This experienced conservative is on the board of directors of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, an advisory group that provides public commentary on the direction of the Tea Party movement, but his tweets cover much more than that. Johns is known to provide election updates and political commentary as news stories develop, and his posts often include hashtags that direct you to a variety of other high profile conservative groups and individuals.

Sample Tweet: "Constructive message tonight from @realDonaldTrump. Those financing and engaged in violence, arson, looting, etc. must be arrested and prosecuted. Peaceful protests and ideas for policy reform are welcomed. But the rest of this is terrorism. End it—and hold them accountable." —June 1, 2020


Former Speaker of the House John Boehner is a fiscal and social conservative who has perfected the ability to respectfully disagree with his liberal colleagues. His tweets are direct and often offer up-to-the-minute details on the latest legislative battles. He makes good use of hashtags, often including them in the body of his tweets, and he regularly retweets and posts informative links to material related to his causes. He shows his followers that politicians aren't robots through empathetic and emotional posts and public appearances.

Sample Tweet: "Col. Samual Robert Johnson embodied all that it means to be an American. Humble, principled, selfless, devoted to family and country. He was my compass as Speaker. That was the least of his contributions to the nation he served and loved. Rest in well-earned peace, Sam." —May 27, 2020


The Heritage Foundation's Twitter feed is one of the organization's greatest assets. This conservative think tank posts several times a day in addition to retweeting other posts regularly. Tweets can include anything from musings about conservative Republican ideologies to data charts that provide important information about developing stories. Always timely and offering insight into both national and world current events, @Heritage should definitely be on every conservative's follow list.

Sample Tweet: "Capitalism offers greater prosperity and opportunity for everyone—while socialism, unnecessary interventionism, and other choices promise equal outcomes but inevitably fail." —June 9, 2020


The official Twitter page for, this account posts excellent tweets for those well-acquainted with "tweet-speak," which often employs acronyms and abbreviations to keep tweets short and to the point. Like many institutional Twitter feeds, RedState links almost exclusively to its blog, but its tweets are updated frequently, blessedly brief, and very often include resources for "right of center activists." RedState tweets may be controversial, but you'll likely find yourself agreeing with them if you are a true conservative.

Sample Tweet: "Opinion: Black Lives Matter is Still an Awful Organization." —June 10, 2020


Glenn Beck is a big fan of tweeting his opinion and promoting his talk show, the Glenn Beck Program. As a result, most of his followers are well aware of who he is, what he stands for, and where to find his content on the radio, TV, and Internet. And while this multimedia news personality's Twitter feed does plug his many media ventures, it is also surprisingly personal, giving followers a glimpse into his life and beliefs, which are, less surprisingly, firmly Constitutional-Republican. He updates almost daily with clips from his show and bite-sized summaries of them.

Sample Tweet: "To the Black Americans who feel like the country hasn't listened to you: Constitutionalists WANT to help, and believe we have a lot in common. But we must walk away from the past and strive toward the truths that we all hold self-evident." —June 8, 2020


Karl Rove, the former deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush, knows his way around Twitter. His tweets are well-steeped in lingo and acronyms, and he makes excellent use of links and hashtags. They redirect followers to sources offering what he feels are the best, most valuable insights on topics of today, often retweeting posts by @TheBushCenter and linking to popular publications such as The Atlantic and the Washington Examiner. Like the man himself, all of Rove's tweets—which are somewhat infrequent—give conservatives information that really makes them think.

Sample Tweet: "The Democrats' big problem? Socialism. (And not Bernie Sanders's.)" —March 8, 2020.


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's tweets are about what you'd expect from him. They're almost exclusively politically oriented opinion posts that are unapologetically conservative. His tweets are fairly brief and straightforward, but they're packed with "hot takes." Gingrich's Twitter feed will fast-track you through all of the right-wing arguments happening in the world at once in response to nearly every trending topic.

Sample Tweet: "Chicago police were absorbed in the demonstrations and left most of the city wide open for criminals. 'Defund the Police' is a slogan of suicidal implications adopted by people with no contact with reality. Ask them about the Chicago crime rate." —June 9, 2020


Romney's Twitter feed features interesting posts that aren't quite as socially conservative as other accounts on this list. A true man of the people, Romney can regularly be found posting images of himself and his family and sharing personal anecdotes. He updates fairly frequently and does debate policy, but for the most part, his tweets are serious, supportive, and compassionate to others. They rarely call out specific Democrats whom he opposes and sometimes have religious undertones.

Sample Tweet: "We've witnessed the incredible strength of mothers during this pandemic—juggling working from home with helping teach their kids, all while managing the daily responsibilities that come with being a parent and running a household." —May 10, 2020


The Twitter feed of conservative commentator and radio personality Laura Ingraham is designed to complement her Fox News broadcasts and personal website. Fans of her radio show will want to follow her tweets since she often posts while she's on the air or on a short break. Ingraham regularly solicits input from her followers via her website, so check her timeline for these invitations if you're looking to interact. Her Twitter page is a great resource for news, news, and more news, featuring breaking headlines you might not have heard yet.​

Sample Tweet: "Full-on frontal assault on free speech in America. We're all back in college again with coercive speech codes and non-stop sensitivity workshops." —June 7, 2020 (Referencing a New York Times announcement that editor James Bennet resigned over public response to a controversial op-ed.)


For a guy whose broadcasts on radio and TV elicit such strong emotion from those on the right and the left, Sean Hannity's tweets are remarkably tame. While he does issue the occasional zinger, the host of Fox News' "Hannity" uses his Twitter feed primarily as a resource for his fans that directs them to posts on his website. Tweets not linking to his website are hard to find, but the resources he plugs and informational tweets he posts are useful to conservatives wanting to read conservative news and stay in the know.

Sample Tweets: "L.A. Councilmember Calls to Defund Police As Taxpayers Paid $100K For Her LAPD Security." —June 13, 2020


Media Research Center is the leading conservative website for tracking liberal bias in broadcast journalism. The organization's Twitter feed is very active and often posts links to stories that will leave most conservatives red in the face and outraged. What's refreshing about Media Research Center's tweets, though, is that they also post links to stories in which liberal bias is exposed in the mainstream media.

Sample Tweet: "FLASHBACK: Malco[l]m X compared 'the white liberal' to a fox who acts friendly to a lamb." —June 14, 2020


For pure national Republican Party business, no Twitter account beats the GOP. This account tweets about everything going on in the nation's capital, all from a GOP perspective. Many links take you directly to research articles by the Republican National Committee (RNC), but these are balanced by a fair amount of right-leaning opinion pieces. With more than 3.4 million followers, this account must be doing something right. During election seasons, expect this page to be saturated with candidate campaign and voting information.

Sample Tweets: "'What has historically made America unique is the durability of its institutions against the passions and prejudices of the moment. When times are turbulent, when the road is rough, what matters most is that which is permanent, timeless, enduring, and eternal.' —@realDonaldTrump" -June 15, 2020


Conservative commentator Dick Morris joined the Twitter community in 2009 and has been posting daily ever since. Like others on this list, many of his posts will direct you to his site, But since this popular figure has around 200,000 followers, you can bet that these links are worth clicking. His daily "Lunch Alerts," for example, feature video commentary by Morris himself and take a look at and pull apart popular topics in just a few minutes. If you want daily updates on what's going down in politics from a seasoned conservative commentator, follow Morris.

Sample Tweet: "Dems Want to Give Illegals $1200 Now & $2000 A Month - Lunch Alert!" -May 27, 2020

@hotairblog, a political blog, has been a leading conservative site since it was launched in 2006. The site's Twitter page is a great way to stay on top of its newest content. Although it also has the annoying habit of cutting off its own tweets with links to its site, Hot Air is still worth a follow because of its high-quality content. Hot Air won't point you to any other relevant accounts or hashtags, but its feed is a solid one-stop shop for reading about myths busted wide open and conservative news stories big and small.

Sample Tweets: "About that story that Trump's administration 'rolled back' transgender protection... malarkey." —June 14, 2020

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