The Top 4 Study Music Apps to Download Today

It is nearly impossible to maintain your focus while studying if you are surrounded by a bunch of people yapping into their phones, laughing loudly, eating noisily, or just generally creating obnoxious amounts of mayhem. Sometimes, it is not possible to sneak off to a quiet corner of the library to study. You have to fit it in when and where you can! That is why you need, need, need these study music apps to help you zone in on the stuff that's important.


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Maker: Spotify, Ltd.

Price: Free

Description: Want to find some great lyric-free study music without downloading a million songs into iTunes and creating a Playlist? Then Spotify is your answer, my friends. Download for free, Browse "Genres and Moods" and choose "Focus." You're in. Any one of the listed playlists will help you maintain laser-like focus while prepping for your next quiz, midterm or final. Choose from classical beats to yoga and meditation tracks. And when you're not studying, use it to jam out to your favorite tunes, too.

Why buy? Everyone loves Spotify. You can't beat the instant, free access to kabillions of songs and playlists. Plus, it's fun to discover new study music by browsing other people's playlists. 

Pandora Radio

Maker: Pandora Media, Inc.

Price: Free

Description: If you haven't heard of Pandora Radio, then you need to look up, because you may be living under a rock. For those of you new to this app, it's pretty simple, really. Type in the name of an artist, song, composer or genre and Pandora pops up a "station" that plays music similar to that style. Create up to 100 personalized radio stations with this free account. Upgrade to Pandora One with a $3.99 monthly subscription for no ads or commercials.

Why buy? Because you know the name of an artist who plays a mean acoustic guitar, but you didn't buy the CD because…who buys CDs? You'd like to listen to more of his music. And other music similar to it. Plus, you'd like to find out new and interesting artists and genres you may never have experienced before, either. Here's a list to the best Pandora stations for studying by genre and artist, by the way. Enjoy.


Maker: Kooapps

Price: $0.99

Description: This app is capitalizing on the "Mozart" effect, a term coined by Alfred A. Tomatis, a researcher who used Mozart's music to help a variety of disorders. His claim? Mozart gives your IQ a boost. While his research hasn't been tested in a variety of settings under strict testing conditions, studying with over 100 different classical compositions playing in the background will certainly not hurt you in any way. In fact, research suggests that the best music for studying is lyric-free, and these classical pieces certainly fit the bill.

Why buy? If you want guaranteed study music without relying on the random nature of Spotify or Pandora, then downloading an app purely devoted to Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Pachelbel, and yes, Mozart is a great way to secure your study environment. 

Songza Radio

Maker:  Songza Media, Inc.

Price:  Free

Description: Songza is fun and easy to use. Like Spotify and Pandora, Songza offers music streaming based on genre, artist, etc. but the interface is ridiculously simple. Waking up on Tuesday morning? Perfect. Decide whether you want to listen to music for working out, waking up happy, feeling confident, driving, singing in the shower, etc. Going out on Friday night? Great! Select pre-formatted music for entertaining your "cool" friends, going to bed late, love and romance, dancing at a club, or whatever else your night brings. Oh. And you need to study? Fantastic. Choose from a slew of study situations (in the library, sitting in your car, working with friends), to make sure your study session has the right mood.

Why buy? Songza users rate this above Spotify and Pandora. And like those two streaming study music apps, you can upgrade for $3.99/month to get rid of ads and commercials. Even better. 

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