The Top Ten Most Beautiful Aftermarket Wheels

There are some really amazingly cool wheels out there, so many that it can be hard to even know where to start looking. Given that my other job is wheel repair, I tend to gravitate towards the wheels I know are resistant to damage, but those are not always the best-looking wheels out there. With that in mind, I give you my list of the top ten most beautiful wheels I know of.

A couple of things to keep in mind – this is my list, obviously this is a subjective issue and yours may be different. For example, I tend to seriously dislike chrome wheels, both in terms of the look and in terms of how hard they are to maintain. So it turns out that my list has no chrome wheels on it at all. Your mileage may vary.

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Borbet MA

Borbet MA
Borbet MA. Tire Rack, Inc.
Borbet shows us a nice variation on the standard 5-star wheel with the MA, with a gloss black in the windows on on the spokes to make the machined finish really pop.
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BBS CX. Tire Rack, Inc.
The CX shows us where a lot of wheel companies are going in an effort to get away from standard spoke designs. These twisted, overlapping, dual-color spokes really tend to catch and hold the eyes. More »
American Racing Dagger
American Racing Dagger. Tire Rack, Inc.
The Dagger is one of those designs that just says “brute force” all over, but it adds lots of detailing around the outer edge for a busier and more interesting overall look. More »
Enkei Aletta
Enkei Aletta. Tire Rack, Inc.
I always really like what Enkei does with their designs, and this look, reminiscent of flashing blades, is one of my favorites. More »
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Lorenzo WL34

Lorenzo WL34
Lorenzo WL34. Tire Rack, Inc.
Black and silver sets off the gracefully arched and twisted spoke design of the WL34.
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ADV.1 ADV7. ADV.1 Wheels, Inc.

ADV.1 pioneered the exciting new “Deep Concave” design style that is now working it's way through the industry. The ADV7 is a great example of this style, with the subtle inward curve of the spokes towards the center plate and the very interesting way that the spokes meet the dish.

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OZ Racing Cortina

OZ Cortina
OZ Cortina. Tire Rack, Inc.
Another wheel that uses different colors to punch up a multi-spoke design, the Cortina is definitely easy on the eyes.
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Enkei GW8
Enkei GW8. Tire Rack, Inc.
I've never seen anything even remotely like this wheel. Minimalist red plastic inserts and a jagged, asymmetrical spoke design make the GW8 one of Enkei's unique works of wheel art. More »
TSW Silverstone
TSW Silverstone. TSW, Inc.
The Silverstone rocks one of my all-time favorite wheel looks. The dead black inner looks great in the daylight, but tends to disappear at night, leaving the bright-silver, diamond cut outer ring looking like it floats in midair as the car is moving. More »
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KMC Ink'd

KMC Ink'd
KMC Ink'd. Tire Rack, Inc.
Until Borbet manages to bring back their brushed finish, KMC's Ink'd wheels will have to stand in as a canvas for wheel artists. Just breathtaking.