The Top 8 TV Shows for Conservatives

Current Shows for Conservative Must-See-TV

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How hard was this list to create? Very. We left out most news channel shows and stuck with the best of the rest we could find. A lot of this research was a matter of deduction. When we eliminated all the shows that push a liberal agenda, promote a culture of self-obsessed narcissism, and stuff we wouldn't want to let 15-year old's watch, the list was pretty small. In the end, we narrowed down a varied list of shows that includes sitcoms, dramas, and yes, reality T.V.

If you are a conservative and don't want your values insulted with every turn of the television channel, this list is for you.

Duck Dynasty - A&E

One of three reality shows to make this list, Duck Dynasty follows the duck call tool-making Robertson family as they run a business, raise a family, and engage in assorted good old country redneck fun. The Louisiana family loves their guns, God, and family. Many critics criticize the frequent use of guns on the show, but the Robertsons represent the clear majority of responsible gun owners in the country. Perhaps critics should focus on shows and movies that glorify gun violence instead. Family plays a central role in Duck Dynasty. Three generations of Robertsons are featured on the show, and spending time with one another seems to be a top priority. Equally, faith is a large element of the show. Tying in the faith and family themes, almost every episode is closed with the Robertson family sitting around the dinner table together and saying a prayer.
And they haven't even gotten sued over it... yet.

Last Man Standing - ABC

Believe it or not, there is actually a sitcom on network broadcast television that regularly takes aim at liberalism. Tim Allen of Home Improvement and Toy Story fame plays a businessman and father of three daughters. Allen's character regularly takes cracks at big government and anti-business regulations, and a host of other liberal issues.
The show is also a bit of a throwback to sitcoms of the 1990's that is not highly sexualized and can have a much broader audience.

Red Eye - FNC

If you happen to be up at 3AM, there's a little show on the Fox News Channel with a panel of wise-cracking, and often obscene, conservatives and liberals. (For a similar, toned-down version try the Greg Gutfeld-hosted The Five, on when most people are actually awake.) Perhaps the best part of Red Eye is it breaks plenty of conservative stereotypes and could even be considered hip. As a plus, the late night/early morning show often beats the primetime lineup of other networks in the ratings.

Little People, Big World - TLC

While not based in politics, the reality show follows a family of five with members of the family being, as the title might suggest, little people. The shows makes the list for positively showing that people with genetic abnormalities are just as valuable, productive, and capable as everyone else. The message: life can be beautiful, no matter what. Tragically, society today now makes it likely that children with any type of "abnormality" including dwarfism and down's syndrome will lead to an abortion. Hopefully shows like this can continue to help people become more accepting of all people, and not turn to abortion as the only alternative.

Shark Tank - ABC

If you are in need of a little good old-fashioned capitalism, Shark Tank might be the show for you. The hit show features aspiring entrepreneurs who make product or business pitches to a group of investors, hoping for a buy-in. Conservatives love creativity, ingenuity, and people who strive for the American dream. And when they are done and successful, we will even let them know that, yes, they did build that.

Jeopardy - Syndication

In a world of increasingly dumbed-down television, it's nice that Q&A show Jeopardy is still a hot ticket after all of these years. Oh, and start watching now. The horrible rumors of Alex Trebek's pending retirement are nothing short of a tragedy. As an added bonus, the show regularly features celebrity versions of the show. The celebrity versions of the show often include politicians and journalists. If you want to feel good about yourself and knowing why you don't want these people in charge, try watching these often-hilarious versions of the show. Watching them flunk categories geared towards them is nothing short of enlightening.

Malibu Country - ABC

In the 2012-2013 broadcast season, Malibu Country aired between Last Man Standing and Shark Tank. Like Last Man Standing, Malibu Country feels like an old-school comedy that doesn't rely on one sex joke after the next for every punchline. Country singer Reba McEntire plays a southern divorced mom who is raising two children and moves to Malibu where she deals with the interesting new personalities. Reba plays a faithful woman in a not-so-fathful town. Quote we like: "Faith isn't something that keeps bad things from happening. Faith is what helps us get through bad things when they do happen."


The long running crime show seems to only be gaining popularity as it ages. NCIS follows a team of special agents who solve crimes and fight terrorism within the United States Department of the Navy. This show makes the list for keeping our military in a positive spotlight and for its focus on highly-ethical, moral, and good-natured cast of characters. The character-driven drama sets a priority on faithfulness (to both God and fellow man), freedom, and devotion to country. What's more conservative than that?
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