The Twelfth House

House of Hidden Mysteries:

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The Twelfth House is the most mysterious of the Houses, and where we go to hide.  Much is hidden here, even from ourselves.  

 It's also where the spiritual currents are felt like tides.  Astrologer Kevin Burk calls this the meditation room.

In Understanding the Birth Chart, Burk writes, "The Twelfth House is opposite the Sixth House, which contains the things we have to do in order to maintain a physical body.

 Well, the Twelfth House contains the things we have to do in order to maintain a soul and spiritual essence."  

The Twelfth House is one of private mysteries, the most difficult soul-level challenges we face in life. It's the realm of the unconscious, with much sealed off until the soul is ready to face what lies in shadow. It's traditionally known as the house of the drawn shades and solitude.

This is the house of delusions and psychic dimensions beyond our awareness.  And yet, as Burk notes, it's above the horizon, and therefore, in the public Houses.  What's hidden to you, may be visible to others.

That opens the door to the Twelfth House theme of having unseen enemies.  


It's called the house of self-undoing. Only time and persistent reflection unlocks the mysteries behind the many doors of the interior mind-spirit.

That's an interesting phrase, since the Twelfth House is associated with Pisces and Neptune.

 These are both symbolic bodies of sensing a reality beyond the Self.  Very Twelfth House natives have a loose hold on the Self, since they sense it's temporary.  

The Twelfth House is a cadent House, and this relates to the mutable mode.  That makes it one of dynamic change, and the medium is water, so it's very fluid.


There's a sense of going with the flow, and surrender.  And yet, it's important to tune in spiritually, to discern which waves to ride.

The Ocean of the Imagination

It's the house of the universal imagination, and the secret doorway to spirit, the one that lies within the heart. That makes it both daunting, but a potentially rich source of creative material, as well as the path to rising above the personal, to experience something beyond.

There is darkness and light in the vast landscape of the shared morphogenetic field. Along the more disturbed end of the spectrum is our capacity for mental illness, criminal acts, secret obsessions.

The Everything House

This House has always been associated with institutions like prisons and mental hospitals. It's a place where those doing extreme things are confined, and where we confine the extremes within our own psyche.

Some with strong Twelfth Houses are champions of those who society deems beyond hope.  The idea is that there's always more to the story, and that might be a plot over many lifetimes.  

The Shadow

This house is where we lock up our secrets, and repress aspects of the Self. Sometimes that emerges in relationships, when we're drawn to those that act out our demons for us, giving life to something that is trapped within.

A planet here is worth watching, so we don't fall into patterns of playing the victim.  Someone who is toxic and destructive could take advantage of the Twelfth House person's ability to see good in everyone.  

In drama, the villain plays an aspect of ourselves we dare not claim, but lies as a potential in the vast landscape of the imagination. Over time, the shadows of the Twelfth House are recognized and accepted, and even seen as a catalyst for building character and learning to walk through the dark.

House of :

Pisces and Neptune

Life Themes:

Secrets, hidden Self, merging with Spirit, past karma, seclusion, fantasy, escapism, delusions, phobias, shadow sides