The Twelve Rising Signs

Your Calling Card

Social Media / Image: William Andrew for Getty Images.

Your Rising Sign is the first-glance persona that people meet.  It's how you come across. 

The Rising Sign is the Zodiac sign rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. It's also known as the Ascendant, the degree and sign that sets off your chart.

It's your personality cloak, and one you might not even know you're wearing!  Sometimes it's surprising to hear others describe you, and often it's the traits of the rising sign.

It's your calling card, since it's your public image and the impression you make on others. It's your unique mix of quirks, physical appearance, style and mannerisms.

Find your rising sign on the birth chart. It's the sign on the cusp of the First House, often indicated by the letters ASC (ascendant).  You can find out the degree of your Ascendant by looking at the number at that horizon line. 

This is an important point in the chart, as it sets it, and also the other cardinal points in the chart.  These are the four significant points that have natural rulers that are cardinal signs.  For example, Aries is the natural ruler of the First House, Cancer the Fourth House, Libra the Seventh House and Capricorn the Tenth. 

How You Move About

Read up on your Rising sign, to get a feel for what you're like from the outside looking in. It's the light cast over your Sun and Moon, and the way you engage with the outer world.

  Sometimes it's at odds with your luminaries, like being more extroverted or introverted than you really are at heart.

I've noticed some Rising Signs, like Scorpio Rising, are tricky, and may be more controlled.  On the other hand, you might have a super friendly Rising Sign, that's at odds with your deeper desire for privacy.


If you have a strong First House, with a lot of charged planets, like Mars, your Rising Sign will have a bigger impact.  If someone takes a guess at your "Sign," they're likely to guess your rising.  Here are the twelve Rising Signs! 

The Rising Signs

Aries Rising: a catalyst, larger than life, overwhelming and/or inspiring to others, action oriented, courageous, a leader, sharp mentally, incisive.

Taurus Rising: calm, physically dense, rooted, purposeful, security minded, ambitious, patient, slow to anger, sensual, affectionate.

Gemini Rising clever, changeable, into trends, nervous, chatty, hilarious, always entertaining.

Cancer Rising: tender, sentimental, loving, creative, protective, sensitive, vulnerable.

Leo Rising colorful, luxury-loving, grand gestures, generous, charismatic, theatrical, prideful, image conscious, playful, joyful.

Virgo Rising: thoughtful, eager to please, self-critical, health-conscious, high integrity, trustworthy, analyzer, finicky.

Libra Rising: light and breezy, insightful, conversationalist, always presentable, sophisticated, bookish, charming.

Scorpio Rising: calculating, hidden, profound, sensual, magnetic, powerful, driven, purposeful, ambitious, passionate, emotional.

Sagittarius Rising: swift, stimulating to be with, optimistic, lucky, healthy, thrilling, a laugher.

Capricorn Rising: sober, ambitious, dark humor, effective, disciplined, self-critical, status conscious, long-range planner.

Aquarius Rising: different, collector of strangely wonderful friends, curious, private, outgoing, trend-setter.

Pisces Rising: warm-hearted, talented artist, nurturer, intuitive, self-sacrificing, bewildered, generous spirit, empathic, searching.