'The Venture Bros.' Characters

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'The Venture Bros.' Characters

Dean and Dr. Venture
(L to R): Dean (Mike Sinterniklaas) and Dr. Venture (James Urbaniak) attempt to fix a ray shield in outer space. The Venture Bros. Special. Adult Swim

has a long history on Adult Swim. Many characters have come and gone, some in more gruesome ways than others. Even Dr. Venture and his sons, Hank and Dean, have changed over the years. Whether they're visiting other dimensions, fighting for their lives or romancing an evil babe, these characters are a lot of fun to watch. Get to know the main characters from The Venture Bros.

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  • Dermott
  • Pete White and Billy Quizboy
  • Brock Samson
  • General Hunter Gathers
  • Shoreleave
  • The Monarch
  • Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
  • Henchman 21
  • H.E.L.P.eR
  • Baron Ünderbheit
  • The Phantom Limb
  • Molotov Cocktease
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Dr. Venture

Dr. Venture in the Lab
Dr. Venture in the Lab. Cartoon Network

Back in the 1960s, Dr. Venture was a boy genius and son of the world-famous genius super-scientist who founded Venture Industries. Doc Venture accompanied his father on adventures all over the world, just like Jonny Quest and Tom Swift. But through a series of missteps in life, beginning with premature baldness in high school, he's failed to live up to his potential and fallen far short of his late father's fame and accomplishments. Consequently, he's haunted by the looming specter of his over-achieving father.

He compensates for the unkind hand Fate's dealt him by being a Herculean workaholic; going for days on end without sleep to finish his multiple science projects. But the lucrative contracts that flooded into Venture Industries under his father's tenure elude him, so the family business has fallen on hard times. As a result, he's an opportunist with highly malleable morals. To keep Venture Industries afloat, he's resorted to everything from designing automatic litterboxes to subletting parts of the Venture compound to holding a garage sale. Dr. Venture has little time or patience in his hectic schedule for his two unexceptional boys.

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Hank Venture

Dr. Venture and Hank
Dr. Venture and Hank on 'The Venture Bros.'. Adult Swim

Hank is the older of the two fraternal twin brothers by six minutes. He is the self-proclaimed "jock" of the two, which means very little considering the athletic prowess of both of the boys leaves much to be desired. He imagines himself to be an adventurer and man of the world like Brock, whom he idolizes, so he's much more likely to jump to action - or conclusions - than his brother.

The Venture brothers are geeks in the extreme and always side by side (usually hopelessly abandoned somewhere together). They are good kids, but their playful cajoling of each other and their incessant high-pitched laughter quickly grates on the nerves of their perpetually uptight father, Dr. Venture.

  • Read Interview with Creator Christoper McCulloch A.K.A Jackson Publick (Hank Venture)
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Dean Venture

Dean Venture and Thalia
Dean Venture and Thalia 'The Venture Bros.'. Adult Swim

Dean, the younger brother, is the self-proclaimed "brain" of the pair but, like his brother, is not particularly bright. Unlike his brother, Dean spends most of his time and energy reading books (limited as they are to adolescent adventure tales, like Giant Boy Detective). He's also more sensitive. Dean's stomach and conscience are often too delicate to handle many of the situations the family finds itself in. He's far more likely to issue forth a high-pitched scream or jet of vomit in the face of danger than take action - but he's also the first to show an interest in girls, namely the Ventures' neighbor, Triana Orpheus.

Because of the brothers' sheltered lives and dubious upbringing, teenagers Hank and Dean Venture are incredibly out of sync with the way the real world works. They approach every new situation as if it is just a big, exciting adventure. Their slang comes mostly from a bygone era of "golly gees" and "gosh darn its," but occasionally their language is peppered with stray misused modern phrases they pick up intermittently.

  • (Another) Interview with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer

(L-R) Dean Venture and Thalia in a fantasy sequence, a la Lady and the Tramp.

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Sergeant Hatred

The Venture Bros.
L-R: Sergeant Hatred, Dr. Venture, Hank and Dean. Adult Swim

The current Venture bodyguard. A reformed super-villain, reformed alcoholic and reformed pedophile with a heart of gold, a head full of anxieties, and a can-do attitude. Sergeant Hatred's real name is Courtney R. Haine.

(L-R) Sergeant Hatred, Dr. Venture, Hank and Dean

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From the Ladle to the Grave - The Venture Bros.
From the Ladle to the Grave - The Venture Bros. Adult Swim

Hank’s friend and band-mate, Dermott is a townie teenager from the trailer park near the Venture Compound. He’s also Doc’s illegitimate son, the product of an ill-fated tryst with Nikki, the then-teenaged president of the Rusty Venture Fan Club. However, he was raised to believe Nikki was his sister and Mrs. Fictel, his grandmother, was his mother. Between his DNA and his upbringing, it’s no wonder he’s kind of a jerk.

  • Halloween Special
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Pete White / Billy Quizboy

The Venture Bros.
L-R: Hank, Master Billy Quizboy, Dr. Venture, Sergeant Hatred, and Pete White.
The closest thing Dr. Venture has to friends, Pete and Billy are a pair of super-science entrepreneurs who run their struggling tech business, Conjectural Technologies, out of their mobile home down the road from the Venture Compound. The albino Pete White went to State University with Doc, and later met the hydrocephalic Billy on the set of the Quizboys quiz show, when he was the host and Billy was a contestant.


(L-R) Hank, Master Billy Quizboy, Dr. Venture, Sergeant Hatred, and Pete White

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Brock Samson

Brock Samson vs. The Mummy
Brock Samson vs. The Mummy. Cartoon Network

Part Cherokee, part Swedish, and 100-percent redblooded American, Brock is a hulking, brooding man of few words and profound mystery. A downscale James Bond officially employed by an unknown branch of our government's secret service, Brock was assigned to protect the Venture family a decade ago - and then promptly forgotten about. He barely tolerates the uptight and neurotic Dr. Venture, but the job gives Brock the opportunity to travel to exotic locations, meet interesting people and sleep with them - or kill them. He reacts to every threat with swift, silent, excessive brutality - striking first and usually not even bothering with questions later. He is a man of action - a jack-of-all-trades whose duties at the Venture compound extend beyond mere protection to include piloting the X-1 supersonic jet plane, repairing H.E.L.P.eR. and being all but a surrogate father to the Venture brothers. Or at least a big brother. A very big brother. After twenty years of service, he was replaced with Sergeant Hatred.

  • Interview with Patrick Warburton (Brock Samson)
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General Hunter Gathers

General Hunter Gathers
General Hunter Gathers. Adult Swim

The current leader of the O.S.I., Hunter is a long-time veteran of the agency who once quit to form the splinter group SPHINX, but was brought back to lead it by the ailing General Treister, who promptly launched himself into space in a bizarre attempt to cure his cancer. His character is loosely based on Hunter S. Thompson.

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OSI Love You
OSI Love You. Adult Swim
Shoreleave (left) is a Navy-themed super-agent of the O.S.I. He’s out and proud, and if you’ve got a problem with that, he’s got a pair of Glocks that’ll set you straight. He has worked with Brock Samson and General Hunter Gathers. Rumor has it that he was ousted from the agency due to a "don't ask, don't tell" issue.
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The Monarch

Dr. Monarch
(L to R): Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Doc Hammer), The Monarch (Jackson Publick) and Henchman 21 (Doc Hammer) discuss going to space. Adult Swim

The Monarch is a classic megalomaniacal supervillain, who, as the result of a profound childhood experience, has reinvented himself in the colorful image of the Monarch butterfly. His elaborate costume sports an ornately decorative but cumbersome set of wings, and he proudly wears a regal, gold crown, while residing in an amazing Flying Cocoon. He hates Dr. Venture with an unrivaled passion and commands a private army of loyal but quizzical butterfly foot soldiers ready to do his bidding. He is presently romantically linked to Dr. Girlfriend.

  • Read Interview with Creator Christoper McCulloch A.K.A Jackson Publick (The Monarch)
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Dr. Mrs. The Monarch

The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch
The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch 'The Venture Bros.'. Adult Swim
As The Monarch's second in command and chief scientist, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (formerly Dr. Girlfriend) puts up with a lot. More pragmatic, science-minded, and probably more capable than her husband, she nonetheless suffers his capricious and irascible nature patiently and lovingly. Despite a tantalizingly sexy appearance, her husky voice has brought her true gender into question more than once.
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Henchman 21

'The Venture Bros.'
'The Venture Bros.'. Adult Swim
Henchman 21 (far right) is the most effective of The Monarch’s henchmen, a chubby nerd who bulked up and found purpose when his best friend, Henchman 24, was killed under mysterious circumstances in a battle at the Venture Compound. After falling in love with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, he quit the cocoon and stormed off to forge his own path.


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H.E.L.P.eR. (Humanoid Electric Lab Partner Robot)

H.E.L.P.eR. Adult Swim

H.E.L.P.eR. was built by Dr. Venture's father in the '60s to assist him in the laboratory and handle hazardous materials. But over time, H.E.L.P.eR., like many of the Venture appliances, has fallen into disrepair. These days, he's more like a pet than a mechanical man, as he's prone to chewing on test tubes and doesn't appear to be housebroken. Emotionally unstable, he cowers when Doc loses his temper and acts as a perpetually worried, neurotic electric mommy to both the boys and Doc.

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Baron Ünderbheit

Baron Underbheit
Baron Underbheit. Adult Swim
Baron is the sovereign ruler of Ünderland, a barren, rocky pocket nation of indeterminate geographical location. He wears a stainless steel prosthetic jaw and life support body armor - the gruesome result of a science class accident in college that may or may not have been the young Dr. Venture's fault. Nevertheless, he's sworn revenge on Venture.
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The Phantom Limb

The Phantom Limb
The Phantom Limb. Entertainment Earth
The Phantom Limb is a debonair scientist/supervillain who lost his arms and legs in a horrible lab accident but replaced them with invisible bionic arms and legs. He appears a limbless, hovering torso. But watch out for his invisible right hook and invisible groin kick! He's also an amateur wine and cheese expert and was once romantically linked with Dr. Girlfriend.
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Molotov Cocktease

Molotov Cocktease - The Venture Bros.
Molotov Cocktease - The Venture Bros. Adult Swim
This villain is an exotic, beautiful femme fatale who has stolen Brock's heart more than once. But it barely begins to make up for the fact that he's responsible for her missing eye and deceased father - casualties of the Cold War, when she was Russia's number one secret agent. A mercenary by trade, she nevertheless still wears a steel chastity belt bearing the hammer and sickle insignia of The Party and will not go past "third base" - not even with Brock.
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