English Vocabulary and Examples for Talking About the Weather

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Here are words used to describe the weather from stormy days to beautiful sunny days on the beach. Words are categorized into different sections. You'll find example sentences for each word to help provide context for learning. Speaking about the weather is often considered important for small talk, and used to make predictions about the weather. 

The Weather - Describing the Weather (Adjectives)

The following are all words that are often used to describe the weather:

breezy - It's very breezy today. I think it's a northern wind.
bright - They got married on a bright, sunny day in June.
clear - Wait till the weather is clear to take a bike ride.
cloudy - Some people prefer to hike when it's cloudy rather than when it's sunny.
damp - I hate damp, cold days when I can't warm up.
drizzly - The weather is rather drizzly today. You should take a rain jacket.
dry - Next week will be hot and dry.
dull - The weather is dull this week. I wish it would rain.
foggy - The foggy bay can be dangerous if you aren't careful.
hazy - It's so hazy today that I can't see any of the mountains.
rainy - The weather in Portland is often rainy.
showery - Spring weather often features showery days followed by a few days of sunshine.
snowy - If you are a skier, you'll be happy to know that it will be snowy next week.
stormy - The stormy weather put him into a foul mood.
sunny - I want to go anywhere that's sunny and mild.
wet - Winter is usually very wet in the Northwest

The Weather - Nouns

breeze - There's a gentle breeze blowing today.
cloud - Do you see that cloud that looks like a cow?
drizzle - When will this steady drizzle stop?!
fog - There's a thick fog on the bay this morning.
hailstone - The hailstone broke the window.
haze - The haze is very thick in the air today. Maybe there's a fire in the hills.
lightning - The lightning frighted the children as it flashed.
rain - We expect more than four inches of rain on Saturday.
raindrop - The raindrop ran down her cheek.
rainfall - The rainfall thundered on the roof.
shower - We had quite a shower this morning. I'm still wet!
snow - Taking a walk in the snow is very peaceful.
snowfall - The snowfall continued through the night.
snowflake - Did you know that every snowflake is unique?
storm - The storm raged for three days and left ten dead,
sun - Without the sun, we have no life.
sunshine - The sunshine shone through the window.
thunder - The loud thunder could be heard for miles.
wind - The wind blew 40 miles per hour.

The Weather - The Temperature (Adjectives)

chilly - It's very chilly this morning.
cold - Take your jacket. It's cold out!
freezing - I'm going to wear gloves as it's freezing.
hot - I like hot, lazy days on the beach.
mild - It's best to go hiking in mild weather that's not too hot.
scorching - It's scorching in the dessert. Be careful.
warm - It's a beautiful, warm afternoon. 

The Weather - Verbs

glow - The sun glowed as it set in the west.
freeze - The rain might freeze on the trees tonight.
hail - It hailed so hard it looked like snow.
pour - The rain poured for three days.
rain - It's raining outside.
shine - The sun shone through the trees.
snow - It snowed three inches last night. 

The Weather - Idioms

As right as rain = Everything is OK, or good in a situation / I feel as right as rain today. It'll be a good day.
Be a breeze = Be easy, no problems / Don't worry about the test. It'll be a breeze. 
Be on cloud nine = be extremely happy or even ecstatic / He was on cloud nine after he met her. 
Break the ice = begin a conversation / I'll break the ice by introducing myself.
The calm before the storm = A period of uneasy stillness before something bad happens / It feels like the calm before the storm. I hope he's not too angry.
Come rain or shine = Something will happen despite any problems / We're going to play baseball come rain or shine. 
It never rains, but it pours = Bad news or problems tend to come together in large groups / When you have problems it feels like it never rains, but it pours. 

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