These New Putters Help Golfers Boss the Moss

Putters are the most personal of golf clubs: In addition to the technical aspects that golfers consider, those sometimes-elusive qualities of feel and confidence play a huge role in putting success. Which is why so many golfers love to experiment with new and different putters. And what's new in the world of golf putters? That's why we're here.

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Cleveland TFi 2135 Satin Putters

Cleveland TFi 2135 Satin putter model 1.0
The 1.0 model of Cleveland's 2017 TFi 2135 Satin putters. Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf has updated its TFi 2135 Satin putter line with five new head shapes. The new models include new alignment and speed control technologies as well as a new tour satin color scheme.

The five models of the TFi 2135 Satin putters are available for presale as of Aug. 28, 2017, and officially launch Sept. 15, 2017.

The speed-control tech is what Cleveland calls "Speed Optimized Milling," designed to produce putts that roll the same distance regardless of where the ball contacts the putter face.

This putter line gets its name from the fact that the alignment lines are raised 21.35 millimeters - the height of a golf ball radius - off the ground. In the new models, those sightlines are higher-contrast.

The TFi 2135 Satin standard models are 1.0, Rho, Elevado and Cero; the counterbalanced models are 8.0 and Elevado CB. Standard heads with the midsized pistol grip are $149.99 MAP. Standard heads with oversized grips are $159.99 MAP. Counterbalanced models are $179.99 MAP.

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Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M

Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M putter by Titleist
Acushnet Golf

What's the hallmark of the Futura 5.5 by Scotty Cameron? Titleist's putter designer says this putter combines "the forgiveness of a mallet with the feel of a blade." It's a high-MOI mallet built with enhanced toe flow. 

"Toe flow" is the term applied to how much a putter face opens and closes during a putting stroke. Putters with more toe flow are putters that have more toe hang, and putters with more toe hang are best-suited to golfers who use an arcing putting stroke.

And arcing putting strokes are usually more associated with blade-style putters, not high-MOI mallets. Hence, the Futura 5.5 is called by Cameron a mallet with the feel of a blade.

The Cameron Futura 5.5M becomes available Aug. 25, 2017, in North America and Sept. 22, 2017 around the world. The MSRP is $410. See for more info.

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Cameron & Crown Putters by Scotty Cameron

Soles of four models from the 2017 Cameron & Crown putters from Titleist.
Soles of four models from Titleist's Cameron & Crown putter line. Acushnet Company

Are you a golfer who, because of your stature or merely because of preference, needs a shorter putter? Then the latest putters from Titleist and Scotty Cameron are worth a look

The four models in the Cameron & Crown family are all 33 inches in length. The four models have head designs from the Futura and Select putter lines. Those four head styles are the Select Newport, Select Mallet 1, Futura 5MB and Futura 6M, all of which should be familiar to Scotty Cameron fans.

The heads are weighted to work best with the shorter length, and the putters come with smaller diameter gray Matador grips.

The 2017 Cameron & Crown putters reach golf shops in the United States on June 16, 2017, and worldwide on July 21. The U.S. MSRP is $410, MAP $379.

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Harmonix Live Head Putters

Harmonix Live Head putter
Harmonix Golf

There are a lot of odd-looking putters out there, and the Harmonix might be one of the oddest with its tuning-fork appearance. And "tuning fork" is an apt descriptive term for another reason: the pleasing tone emitted at impact. That's what gives the Harmonix putters their name.

The Live Head putters by Harmonix create, the company says, zero backspin, so the ball gets its forward spin immediately. This helps the ball go exactly where the golfer aims the putter, the company says.

Harmonix Live Head putters also incorporate several types of wood in their design, a rarity in any golf club these days. That includes a wood grip, which the company describes as "warm and natural to the touch and a fraction of the weight of ordinary shafts."

At the time of writing, the putters are selling for $399 on the Harmonix website.

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3 New Putters in the Cleveland Huntington Beach Family

Cleveland Golf HB3 model putter
Cleveland's HB3 model putter. Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf unveiled its new family of Huntington Beach putters late in 2016, but with only three models in the line at that time. Now, Cleveland is releasing three new models: The HB3, HB6C and HB10 putters.

All are milled, stainless steel putters designed to deliver consistent strikes in classic shapes. The diamond-shaped milling pattern on the clubfaces is four times deeper than previous Cleveland models.

The three new HB putters hit retail outlets beginning April 14, 2017, with MAPs of $99.99. They come in lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches with Midsize Blue grips (or, for a $10 upcharge, a WinnPro X grip).

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Ping Camo Design PLD2

Ping Camo Design PLD2 putter
Ping's Camo Design PLD2 putter. Ping Golf

Who wants a camo-inspired putter design? Ping Golf has you covered with two limited-edition PLD2 putters - the Camo Ketsch Realtree Xtra and the Camo Ketsch Muddy Girl, both from Ping Putting Lab Design.

The Ketsch putter heads are milled 6061 aluminum; the soles have 17-4 stainless steel weights to move the center of gravity lower; the tops of the putters offer contrasting sightlines. The graphics on top of the camo design are orange on the Realtree Xtra and pink on the Muddy Girl.

The $325 MSRP includes matching camo headcovers.

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Shaftlign Putter

Shaflign Putter's alignment
Looking down the shaft at the Shaftlign Putter head. Shaftlign Golf

Unlike with every other category of golf club, there are still lots of tinkerers and dreamers building and marketing their own designs in the putter market.

The Shaftlign putter is the latest example of a flatstick design conceived, built and marketed outside of the major manufacturers.

The Shaftlign CJ1 putter ("CJ" are the initials of the designer, Clay Judice) is a fairly standard-looking heel-toe blade putter head, with one exception: its alignment method.

The shaft of the putter is white. On top of the putter head, running from heel to toe, is a white bar that matches the rounded shape and white color of the shaft. Looking down at the putter in the address position, what the golfer sees appears to be one long, continuous, straight white line.

It's an alignment trick that may help golfers who struggle with the yips, or any golfers who struggle with setting up square, improve their putting. On the company website (, the putters are listed at $200.

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Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3

Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3 putter
Scotty Cameron Select Newport 3 by Titleist. Acushnet Company

The Select Newport 3 mid-mallet putter from Titleist's Scotty Cameron studio is a putter aimed at golfers who prefer a smaller, round mallet and who need maximum "toe flow."

What's toe flow? It's the term for how much a putter opens and closes during the putting stroke. A putter that displays a lot of toe flow is a toe-balanced putter, and toe-balanced putters are best-suited to golfers with arcing putting strokes. So golfers with strongly arcing strokes are those to whom the Select Newport 3's "maximum toe flow" will appeal.

The Select Newport 3 is heel-shafted with a flow-neck shaft bend (three-quarters of an inch of offset). There are also two removable and customizable heel-toe weights.

Retail availability is scheduled for March 17, 2017, with an MAP of $379.

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Scotty Cameron Futura: 2017 Models

Scotty Cameron Futura 2017 putter models
Putter heads in the Scotty Cameron Futura 2017 line of putters. Acushnet Company

Do you prefer a larger mallet? Then Titleist's Scotty Cameron brand has something new for you, too: The 2017 models of the Scotty Cameron Futura line of putters.

The family includes high-MOI larger mallets, but also some rounded mid-mallets. There are seven models (the higher the numeral that appears in the model name, the larger the mallet head):

  • Futura 5CB and Futura 5MB: Two rounded mid-mallets, the 5CB has a pop-through flange plate (cavity back) while the MB has a rounded back flange (muscleback).
  • Futura 5W and Futura 5S: The 5W is a winged mallet similar to the Cameron Futura X5; the 5S model is a straight-shafted, more compact take on the previous Cameron Futura X7M design.
  • Futura 6M: High-MOI mallet with pop-through bar-back design and deep heel-toe weights.
  • Futura 6M Dual Balance: A Dual Balance version of the 6M, with a heavier head and counterweighting in the grip end, is also available.
  • Futura 7M: Another riff on the previous Futura X7M model with back wings and a stainless steel bar-back.

The 5CB and 6M models will be available in left-handed models; the others, RH only. All come with customizable sole weights and stepless steel shafts.

All models arrive at retail on March 17, 2017, with MAPs of $379, except for the Dual Balance model, which is priced at $399.

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TaylorMade TP Collection

Four putters in the TaylorMade TP Collection
These are the four TaylorMade TP Collection putters that reach retail in 2016. TaylorMade

The TaylorMade Golf TP Collection includes six models of putters:

  • Juno and Soto models: These two TP Collection putters are classically shaped heel-toe blades, both with plumber's neck hosels. Both are customizable for swingweight through two, 10-gram moveable weights in the soles. The Juno has a sightline on top; the Soto's sightline is in the back cavity. The Juno has the longer face and the blade is more squared off; the Soto is shorter and more rounded.  
  • Mullen and Berwick models: These TP Collection putters are mallets. The Mullen has the more compact clubhead of the two. The Mullen has a slight toe hang (38 degrees) while the Berwick is face-balanced. Both mallets have two 5-gram moveable weights in the soles.
  • Ardmore and Chaska models: These are mid-sized modern mallets. The Ardmore has a weight of 355 grams with a larger MOI and is face-balanced. The Chaska's shaping was inspired by the original TaylorMade Corza Ghost putter; it is also face-balanced.

All six putters are available in lengths of 34 and 35 inches (plus 33 inches by special order).

The stock grip is the Lamkin Sink Rubber grip. The MSRP for each model is $199 or, with an upgrade to the Super Stroke 1.0 GT Pistol grip, $219.