iSUP Review: theWeekender 10' Inflatable Standup Paddleboard

Ten Toes theWeekender 10'
Paddling theWeekender in the Ocean.

Ten Toes is a company that makes  iSUPs. I recently had occasion to test out one of their inflatable board setups in various conditions. This is a review and tips for Ten Toes’ most popular product, the versatile theWeekender 10’ inflatable standup paddle board.

Receipt and Setup of theWeekender 10’ Board Package

The box theWeekender came in was a rectangular

container that perfectly fit the rolled up board with nylon strap around it and the board rolled around the pump.

TenToes sells their carry bags separate from their board packages. This allows the paddler to choose the style of bag they want, whether a backpack or duffle style bag. While the carry strap keeps the board rolled up nice, a bag really is needed to carry the package comfortably. So the paddler should either order one with their board or an aftermarket bag that will fit everything.

Here’s some basic information that goes with this review.

  • theWeekender: Specifications and Included Accessories

  • Setting Up theWeekender, pump, and Fins

  • TenToes Paddle, Fins & Pump Review and Performance Notes

While the instructions indicated the pressure wouldn’t register on the pump until 10 psi, the pump that I received started registering as low as 5 psi and the board felt taught at that point. Much more effort was required from 5 psi to the desired 12 – 15 psi. TheWeekender pumped up in under 5 minutes, which met my expectations.

I stopped pumping at 10 psi since it seemed inflated enough and I did not want to overdue it. This was a rookie mistake as the board can withstand much more.

Paddling theWeekender

Although it paddled and held its form at 10 psi, it was obvious that I needed to increase the air pressure. The next time out, I only put in 12 psi and that was much better, but still there was a little bit of give to the board, no doubt due to my 200 lb frame.

Finally, I put in 14 psi and the board felt as stiff as a traditional surfboard.

I was very pleased with theWeekender iSUP. It paddled very similar to a traditional SUP of similar length. In multiple outings, I had it in the waves, in current, and in flatwater conditions. The board is very stable and tracks well. In the wind, going from the standing position to the kneeling position and paddling that way was very effective. I jumped in the water on multiple occasions to snorkel and found re-entry to the board to be fairly straightforward. The bungees came in handy in holding my snorkeling gear while paddling and my hat and sunglasses while in the water.

TheWeekender paddled exactly how a 10’ board should paddle with a 200 pound 6’ 1” guy on it. Most of the time, even on a 2 mile paddle, the board length was fine. But there were times when I felt like I could have used a longer board. TenToes does offer 12’ and 14’ iSUPs, and I’d probably go with one of those in the future.  As I mention in the Ten toes Accessory review, I preferred paddling with only the large center fin installed.  While I sacrificed some stability in doing this, I felt the added maneuverability was preferable.

Final Comments on theWeekender

In short, paddling theWeekender 10’ iSUP was very similar to a traditional foam and epoxy style paddle board of the same dimensions.

The 6” thickness, multi-layer construction and dropstitch technology that TenToes uses is no doubt responsible for the board’s ability to feel stiff as a traditional board. Many iSUPs are only 4” thick and the construction is one layer with glued seams. TenToes evidently didn’t cut those corners and their board quality was obvious while out on the water.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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