The Top Things Every Comic Book Collector Should Have Or Know About

Collecting comic books is a lot of fun. Some collect for entertainment purposes only, but most people want their comic books to go up in value. If you are starting to collect comic books than you will need some items or know how to keep your collection safe and intact.

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Comic Book Bags

This simple device is the first defense in the protection of your comic books. You have to have a comic book bag as it will keep it free from dust, water, finger oils, and other unwanted substances.

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Comic Book Boards

The comic book bag will help protect against unwanted contaminants, but it won't keep it straight. A board will definitely help with this. You slip the board into the bag behind the comic and this will help keep it from bending or folding. This item is a must have in collecting.

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Comic Book Storage

Comic Book Box. Copyright Aaron Albert

With your comic books protected you need to have some kind of storage system. Most people put them into some kind of cardboard comic book box of which there are some alternatives. There are some that just have a lid on top like a filing box, but there are also some newer boxes designed to be like a drawer. No matter what you put your comic books into, make sure the place they are stored in is climate controlled as much as possible. Be careful about storage lockers, basements, or attics as these can have all kinds of nasty effects on your precious cargo. You might also think out side the box and use a plain old clothes drawer or bookshelf to put your comics into.

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Comic Book Terms

Every hobby has some kind of jargon attached to it. Knowing these terms can be the difference between being in and out of the loop. Check out some of these common collecting terms that every comic book collector should know.

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Comic Book Price Guide

Overstreet Price Guide #36. Copyright Gemstone Publishing

The grade of your comic book is very much like the grade you receive in a classroom. The higher it is, the better your comic book is and the more it is worth. A price guide shows you what a comic book is worth depending upon its grade. Grading can be a lot of work, but if you learn what to look for, it is certainly worth it. Price guides do come in book form, such as in the Overstreet Price Guide, and there are also online versions as well.

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A collector needs some kind of organization to stay on top of their collection. At the very least you might want to keep like titles together. Some go so far as to use spreadsheets to track every comic. There are also software packages to help with this that track the price and whether people are looking to buy them. They can really help take some of the guesswork out of collecting and give you an overall picture of what you have in your collection.

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Know Where To Score

I personally think every collector should try to purchase some of their comics through a local store. These stores are the lifeblood of the comic creating industry and without these brick and mortar stores, the world of comic books would change forever. With the internet however, there are so many more places one can purchase comic books. You can use auction sites to hunt down that missing comic or to save big if you are willing to put in the time to search for good deals. You can also find ways to get your comics for free or on the cheap as well.

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Know When To Fold Them

There comes a time in many peoples lives when they need to trim their collection. Sometimes it is just a way to get another, more prized piece for their collection, but it may also be that you need to pay rent for that month. Either way, you have many options when you want to sell them. You can go for the quick buck, the big score, or anything in between. Check out some tips when it is time to sell.

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Digital Reader

Comixology iPhone Interface Screenshots. Comixology

This item on the list is really going to depend on the person to determine whether it is a "need" or not. For me, I love digital comics as I can store hundreds if not thousands of comic books and they take up no space at all. This is something that I treasure right now as space is something as a luxury. For those techies out there, digital readers are a godsend in that you can read your collection just about anywhere. The world of digital comics is a new frontier in the comic book world and will only get bigger so having some knowledge of it is a good thing indeed.