10 Things Every Figure Skater Needs in Their Skate Bag

Every figure skater needs to be prepared before heading for the rink. For that reason, all figure skaters usually have a bag or some sort of luggage packed and ready to go before heading for an ice arena.

Skates (of course!)

Girl putting on skates.

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All figure skaters usually own their own figure skates. Your skates should neatly be packed in your skate bag with soakers protecting the blades.


I skate with soaker on blade.


Soakers are terry cloth blade covers that protect and keep figure skating blades dry. After drying your blades thoroughly, soakers should be placed over figure skating blades and then, the skates with the soakers on should be placed in the skate bag.

Be aware that moist soakers may damage blades by causing the blades to rust. Make sure the soakers you put on your blades are dry before putting them over your blades.


Skate guards displayed next to ice skates.


Every figure skater should have a pair of ice skate guards inside his or her skate bag. Blades will be ruined if they touch concrete, wood, grass, or any surface besides ice, rubber, or carpet, so skate guards are a must. Some skaters wear skate guards over their blades as soon as they step off the ice.

Never leave or store blades inside of plastic or rubber skate guards since doing that will cause blades to rust. Instead, after thoroughly drying skate blades, place the blades into clean and dry soakers. The skates, with soakers on them, can be put inside a figure skater's skate bag.


Girl wearing gloves on ice skating rink.
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Every figure skater needs gloves during practice. In addition to keeping hands warm, gloves protect a skater's hands if he or she falls on the ice. Thin, inexpensive gloves, can be purchased at stores like Target or Walmart. Keeping one or two pairs of gloves inside your skate bag is essential.

Towel or Rag

Blue towel against white background.
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Figure skaters must always dry blades thoroughly after skating. A clean towel or rag should be packed inside a figure skater's skate bag so that a skater can thoroughly wipe blades clean and dry off his or her skating boots.


CD against white background.
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Most figure skater's practice a program to music during every practice session. Keeping your music inside your skate bag will help you to be prepared. Make sure your music is on a CD, ​your iPod or other electronic device. If you leave a practice CD in your bag, make sure that you have a backup copy of your music safely at home.

Rulebook or Practice Notebook

US Figure Skating Binder
US Figure Skating Image

Some figure skaters carry a copy of their figure skating federation's rulebook or a notebook with them to the rink that lists a practice plan or things to practice. 


Box of tissues on grass.
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Cold ice rinks tend to cause runny noses. Be prepared by packing some facial tissues in your skate bag. 

Hair Brush or Comb and Hair Bands or Ties

Ice skater with her hair in braids.
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Girls (and boys) need to dress nicely for skating practice. Don't forget to pack a few extra hair ties and a comb or brush in your skate bag.

Water Bottle

Ice skater resting with her skates and water bottle.
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Figure skaters need to stay hydrated during practice. Don't forget to bring a water bottle with you to the ice rink.