Third Grade Reading Comprehension Books

When your third grader just isn't up to par with reading comprehension (you know that he or she is struggling because of a lack of interest in books, poor test scores, and teacher input) what are you supposed to do about it? How can you help him or her become a successful reader? The good news is that you're on the right track! The following reading comprehension books for third graders can help you help your child with the skills and strategies necessary for comprehending what they've read. 

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Third Grade Super Reading Success


Author: Sylvan Learning, Inc.

Publisher: Random House, Inc.

Summary: This full color, one-page-a-day workbook combines spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension strategies for kids who need a full Language Arts boost. Buy the complete package for a Language Arts work-out for students really struggling.

Reading Skills Practice:  Making predictions, understanding vocabulary in context using context clues, finding the main idea, sequencing, identifying problems. It also includes spelling skills like verb tense and compound words along with vocabulary building skills with suffixes, root words and homophones. 

Price: At press time, the workbook ranged from $10.59 - $15.74 on Amazon.

Why Buy? If your child needs Language Arts remediation and gets bored easily with black and white print-outs, this workbook is just the ticket. Not only will the full color pages will help keep kids engaged, the skills included should help kids secure those basics they may be missing.  

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Nonfiction Comprehension Reproducible Grades 3-4

Nonfiction Reading Comprehension 3rd grade
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Author: Steck-Vaughn

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Summary: This book includes info pages at the beginning of each unit and each lesson provide explicit instructions for teaching the skills. The reading passages are followed by comprehension questions in multiple-choice and short answer format, so kids can feel prepared for standardized tests. The book also includes graphic organizers and correlation charts.

Reading Skills Practice:  Finding the main idea, using context clues, sequencing, determining cause and effect, making inferences, finding details, and understanding the difference between fact and opinion. 

Price: At press time, the workbook ranged from $9.97 - $15.74 on Amazon.

Why Buy? Kids are often inundated with fiction, but nonfiction is just as important to read and comprehend, too. I'd wager that most of an adult's day is spent reading nonfiction!. This workbook helps kids grasp nonfiction with high-interest topics.  

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Daily Reading Comprehension, Grade 3

Daily Reading Comp 3rd grade

Author: Camille Liscinsky

Publisher: Evan-Moore

Summary: There are over 150 reproducible reading passages and tons of skill-building follow-up questions. It's perfect for test prep and daily review as it uses both fiction and nonfiction reading passages with follow-up questions that target key comprehension skills. 

Reading Skills Practice:   Finding the main idea, drawing conclusions, sequencing, identifying cause and effect, developing vocabulary, analyzing characters, comparing and contrasting, making inferences, following directions, making predictions, sorting and classifying, and reading for details, making connections and organizing.

Price: At press time, the workbook ranged from $17.27 - $19.71 on Amazon.

Why Buy? The pages are ready to go for class or home use. You literally just have to open the book and begin. Plus, the lessons are easy to follow and thorough enough that you won't need anything else.

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Grade 3 Reading

Kumon Grade 3 Reading Workbooks

Author: Kumon Staff

Publisher: Kumon Publishing North America, Incorporated

Summary: This is another workbook that teachers pre-3rd grade skills. It's an ideal summer solution for struggling readers who are transitioning from second grade to third grade. 

Reading Skills Practice:  Vocabulary Building, Prefixes & Suffixes, Compare & Contrast, Defining Words by Context, Who/When/Where/What/Why/How, Chart the Passage, Sequencing, and Making & Revising Predictions

Price: At press time, the workbook ranged from $3.95 - $7,95 on Amazon.

Why Buy? If cash is an issue for you, then this resource is right on the money. You won't find another workbook with such a low price for such a high quality of content.

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