Thomas Baker

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Thomas Baker is a freelance writer and dedicated dork who has been reading comics for most of his life, and writing about them for..slightly less time. But still a significant period nonetheless.


After a childhood spent avoiding the grim British weather (not to mention all the cruel Doctor Who-related taunts) reading Spider-Man comics, Thomas improbably found himself in a position where he writes about Spider-Man comics for a living. Which means that was all totally research. Even the time he wore his Spidey costume beneath his real clothes for a few weeks when he was six. 

Along with being's Spider-Man expert, Thomas has written about comic books, video games, films, music, TV and technology for WhatCulture, ScreenRant, and DIY Magazine.


Thomas has a BA in Creative Writing and Media Writing from the University Of Derby because, sadly, no trailblazer has set about starting up a Masters in Spider-Studies.

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