Three Magic Gifts of Gemini

David Pyle / Getty Images.

Gemini's magic comes from the enigma of the double, and its doubled power.  It hints at two active beings in one, which often become rivals, sometimes of light and darkness, battling it out. 

It's a sign of being in two worlds, or of two minds.  And it hints at the timeless self, the double that ventures out during astral travel, and observes the body at the time of death.  

Gemini is Latin for twins, and this phenomenon of a split-in-twain twosome has always been a source of fascination, and sometimes fear.  In the constellation Gemini, Castor and Pollux are mythic visuals of living as a spirit in matter.  

In his book Twins and the Double, John Lash writes, "At the deepest level, Twins exemplify the theological proposition of our hybrid nature; half human, half divine.  Castor was mortal, Pollux immortal."  

I.  The Supernatural Twin 

In the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan (Zeus in disguise), there was actually a double twin-birth, with Castor and Pollux, and Helen and Clytemnestra.  And one of each pair is mortal, the other immortal.  

Writes Lash, "Castor and Pollux, called the Dioscuri, have different temperaments but manage to agree and join in many heroic exploits together.  This contrasts to the majority of mythical twin-sets where conflict and competition are prominent.  Twins are a tight but troubled alliance."

Gemini then takes us into the heart of mystery, and sensing different selves that exist apart from the one we know in the waking hours.  It's there in dreams where you travel out astrally, or seem like yourself, but not quite.  

It's the magic of that back and forth, that is a kind of "troubled alliance" with the sometimes elusive eternal knower within.  

II.  The Divine Trickster

Gemini's way of busting up a deadly serious situation is pure magic.  A lot of truth comes through in their mercurial humor, and this plays tricks on people, getting them to think differently.    

In his article on The Mythology of Hermes, astrologer Barry Goddard writes, "Famous Gemini: Boris Johnson, Mayor of London. Asked if he had ever tried cocaine he said yes, but I sneezed. Compare that to Bill Clinton who, asked if he had ever smoked weed said yes, but I didn’t inhale. Spot the Gemini. Boris Johnson as usual clowns his way out of a situation that would be a serious reputational issue for most politicians, and gives it a Gemini twist. Because he has turned it into a joke, he can’t be accused of lying. And in so doing he legitimises a taboo subject, allows the truth to come out, which is yes of course we politicians have taken drugs of some sort, just like everyone else has."

Gemini plays with words, and this has great power that was known to the Greeks, and their association of Hermes with messages of all kinds.  Mercury scans the full spectrum, from the practical earthbound details to the esoteric.  

Some of these are of the higher mind, and the magic that's in their meaning, is a mirror of something "otherworldly."  

Geminis can develop these gifts as a art, and one that's in service to a high calling.  

III.  The Matrix Buster 

Gemini is able to bear that tension that comes from uncertainty, or having irrational thoughts.  That makes them better able to deal with the times, as one of awakening to strange realities.

The term for this state of being in-between is cognitive dissonance.  That there's static when new perceptual awareness clashes with what you've always thought or were trained to think.  

Gemini's gift is being able to suspend judgement, until the conflicting information can be reconciled.  This is why Gemini's sometimes "go dark" and need to be alone, without any external stimulation.  Gemini-style depression can also be a natural cycle of going into hiding, to seek to calm the mind and soul.  

Airy Gemini can entertain different possibilities, and mix and match what resonates into a more authentic picture.  They're able to ponder outrageous claims and hear out all sides, before making up their own minds.  

The path of mutable Gemini is more of a spiral, instead of a straight line, as they circle back to something they picked up before.  In times of intense manufactured confusion, hoaxes and entrancements, Gemini can playfully reveal truths, and keep you laughing at the same time.  

Gemini Magic

In closing, Gemini is a sign of great magic, being associated with magicians for their ability to mix word concoctions, and cast or break up spells.  

And Gemini can find logic, and even faith, in the workings of synchronicity.  That's when themes and signs repeat, and seem to guide you along, while also a kind of two-way conversation with the universe.  

Gemini might also get into divination, like with runes, or other symbolic forms.  And of course, bibliomancy -- looking in a random book for messages -- is a natural tool for this mercurial sign.