Three Magic Gifts of Taurus

Credit: Serg Myshkovsky / Getty Images.

The magical traits of Taurus are so very subtle, that they can be taken for granted in manic times like ours.  But if we cultivate them consciously, these gifts help us create a sanctuary of contentment where what we grow flourishes. 

I'm thinking of magic here in down-to-Earth sense, of being able to make things happen.  When so much pulls us energetically into the psycho-sphere, that's in part the energy of Taurus' polarity, Scorpio.

  It takes seemingly supernatural power to stay firm in your own life, strengthen your roots and develop a rhythm that brings an abundant harvest. 

Everyone has Taurus somewhere in the birth chart.  And you might have planets in Taurus, with each cosmic body expresses that earthy soundness in its own way. 

And in Taurus time, make the most of these energies by musing on this sign's practical magic.  Here are some points to ponder:   

 Tending Your Own Garden Patch

The instinct to put that fixed (sign) focus on the building up of an abundant life is very anchoring.  I mean, look at all the people who follow the random details of other people (mostly "stars").  

This is another way that Taurus balances its seesaw sign on the Zodiac's wheel, Scorpio.  Ultimately, being absorbed in "other peoples' business" -- a Scorpio obsession -- is a drain of vital energies.  And so is emotionally riding the memes and highlight reels (on social media) that are passing through your awareness.


Taurus is about standing your ground, and having the strength to put your treasure of awareness rith there -- in your own sphere. 

You can call on the bull-headed stubbornness of Taurus to re-root in your own garden. 

And there, begin to weed out what's unwelcome, and sow what you want to harvest.  It sounds so simple when I write it, but is it not super hard to do?!

  That's why the Bull deserves some respect, for its mighty heaviness of being.  Taurus is here, now, in the material world, and that's where its magic plays out.

The main magic tool for tending your own garden is developing a natural rhythm, for the harvest you desire.  When Taurus energies are in play, it's ripe for finding consistency, and strengthening what's just taking root. 

 Earthed Venus

It seems a modern ailment that's like the new normal, to be ungrounded, and live mostly in artificial, or even virtual environments.  In peak Taurus moments, nature speaks with a big voice -- both from within our creaturely selves, and what we experience. 

But Taurus emphatically reminds us of the reality of the natural world that we're intimately bound to and within.  Taurus is the earth sign that's ruled by Venus, and here the art of living reigns supreme. 

So merging these notions, we get the experience of heightened engagement with nature, beauty, art, sensuality and craft.  And Taurus amplifies natural talents, since it's a sign that wants to make the most of what it's got. 

The magical gift here is to change "consciousness at will" (as Dion Fortune said) via the Venusian arts.  If life has lost its color and taste, Taurus' aesthetic inspires a quest -- for what soothes, is pleasurable, adorns, beautifies and naturalizes.


Unlike it's urbane-cousin Libra (also ruled by Venus), Taurus' hunger for beauty stays near the earthly, delights of the senses and flesh.  Taurus month is magical then for body love at spas and springs, or with massage exchanges.  And to make magic in your kitchen, the bedroom or the art studio/craft table.

Values and Prosperity

It's magical to be able to take an abstract idea and make it real.  This is where Taurus excels, if given the time and resources it needs, since it might take awhile.  That's no problem, because the Bull is patient, when the desired goal is worth investing in.

The Taurus trait of settling in, and moving steadily toward a goal, is one that's helpful for those of us that find it hard to gain traction. 

Venus rules the abundant flow (money) that comes when we're in the natural flow.

  I see a big part of this as identifying natural talents, not those that others (or the apparatus of society itself) has pressured you into pursuing. 

The other Taurus angle is to live your values, and this fortifying your sense of self-worth. 

Taurus' traditional motto is "I have."  That gets me thinking about possessions, and whether what "I have" is in sync with my values. 

And there's some subtle magic here, as we clear out stuff, to make room for the new (not necessarily in the form of stuff).  The Taurus focus on matter and the material world, makes it one to experiment with what's in the physical environment, and the way things are exchanged.

With its instinct for value, Taurus is an energy that can be applied to something like barter exchanges. 

Manifesting from Infinite Possibility

In conclusion, Taurus magic is related to its polarity Pluto-ruled Scorpio because it's an experiment in sensing the energy behind form.  You might be clearing your garage, or weeding, but on the energy plane, you are inviting a metamorphosis of that space. 

And that's why Taurus, while seemingly going about its everyday business, is a top student in Earth School!