Three UFOs Over Visalia, California

While hunting jackrabbits in 1972, an aviation enthusiast spots three disc-shaped UFOs hovering over the trees

In 1972, I was 16 years old and living on a farm in Visalia, California. I used to come home from school, change my clothes, fill my pockets with .22 bullets and go out hunting jackrabbits and squirrels.

On this day, at about four o'clock in the afternoon on a warm spring day, I was walking along a road on the ranch that bordered a Thompson seedless grape vineyard.

Something in my peripheral vision caught my eye, and I turned to see three flying discs just above the tops of the valley oak trees at the end of the vineyard. There were three of them; two close together and a third one trailing them. They were about a hundred yards away from me at an elevation of 70 or 80 feet, traveling about 30 mph.

They were flat on the bottom with sides that sloped up at about a 50-degree angle. They appeared to be flat on top also, but I'm not sure because they were so close to me I couldn't really see the tops. They looked like dull stainless steel. They were completely silent.

I watched them for about 10 seconds. When they reached the end of the vineyard, they suddenly accelerated, and all I saw was a red blur in the sky and they were gone.

My father was an anti-aircraft gunner in World War Two and an aviation enthusiast. We used to park at the airport and watch planes land when I was little.

At the time of my sighting, I was taking flying lessons and studying to pass the FAA written exam. I knew every aircraft in the sky, and these were not airplanes, helicopters or lighter than air craft. They were something unexplainable.

I know what I saw, and from that moment on, I knew that UFOs are real.

Interestingly, shortly after my sighting, a girl claimed to have seen a UFO land at Green Acres elementary school behind her house. I, of course, couldn't wait to tell my friends at school the next day and was shocked to have them laugh in my face. I learned to keep my sighting to myself. It's sad, really, how closed-minded so many people are. The phenomenon deserves to be studied.

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