Thunderbird Sightings - True Stories

Reports of gigantic birds -- much larger than any known bird -- have been reported for hundreds of years. Native Americans call them Thunderbirds. Here are some true accounts and information.

Amazing Thunderbird Sighting

Bob saw a giant bird over Weston, Massachusetts in 1995 and says its wingspan was about 20 feet.

Big Bird Beauty

"It was taller than me (I'm five feet tall,) with a wingspan of what had to have been twelve feet. It was very colorful, with a lot of yellow and red tints, but was also brown on its belly and neck, which was also thick...."

Big Bird Sighting

This sighting was in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania and its long legs "dangled like a man's legs."

Giant Bird Attack

Maybe not a Thunderbird, but the witness describes it as "an amazingly huge black bird-like creature" that attacked some children.

Giant Bird-Bat Creature

"In the few seconds that I got to study it, I noted it was a dark brown in color and had a huge wingspan, but the wings themselves looked very bat-like, as if skin was stretched between feathers (or bone?)...."

Giant Bird Sighting

In January, 1976, Greg saw an 8-foot-tall bird that quiently landed about 6 feet away from him.

The Giant Thunderbird Returns

Today these enormous birds have been seen soaring through the skies of Pennsylvania, and in the past they've even been blamed for snatching children from the ground.

Pennsylvania Thunderbird

About 60 people saw this Thunderbird while picnicking for Memorial Day in Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh Thunderbird

While sitting in traffic, the witness saw this Thunderbird over the suburbs of Pittsburgh in November, 2004.

Texas Thunderbirds Sighting

Kat's family lived in a cul-de-sac in San Benito, Texas when they saw what they think were Thunderbirds flying in and out of the clouds.

Thunderbird and the Eclipse

Patrona's sighting was during a lunar eclipse, and the bird had a 10-15-foot wingspan.

Thunderbird in Mexico

Stew says the bird he saw over Mexico in 2000 had a wingspan of 20-30 feet.

Thunderbird in the Everglades

Seen over Dada County, Florida in 2005-2006 and said to be as large as a small airplane.

Thunderbird or Pterosaur

The head of the creature looks bird-like, but the wings look more like that of a pterosaur.

Thunderbird Over North Dakota

An Air Force officer sees the giant creature while on patrol, September 2009.

Thunderbird Photo

Alleges to show hunters from the 1800s, early 1900s, with a large "thunderbird" they have shot.

Thunderbird Returns

A night watchman sees a thunderbird over his workplace in Pittsburgh.

Thunderbird Sighting

This witness sighted a huge bird about 20 or 30 feet long when I was a little boy in Westover, Maryland.

Thunderbird Sighting

This bird was seen over Cananea, Mexico, and its beak alone was about four or five feet long.

Thunderbird Sighting

The early morning countryside of South Carolina is the setting for this sighting, and its wingspan was about 20 feet.

Thunderbird Sighting?

Three daycare workers had their sighting in August, 2001 over Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Thunderbird, Up Close

This sighting was in the early morning hours over Southern California.

Thunderbirds Over Illinois

Ben saw thunderbirds on May 3, 2010 in McHenry, Illinois at 3:45 p.m. when sitting in his goat pasture.

Thunderbird Sightings in South Carolina

"The bird had very long tail feathers and the wingspan must have been 12 to 15 feet wide, as its entire body was as large as the tops of the trees themselves."

Thunderbird Sighting in Virginia

"This thing's wingtips were touching gravel on both sides! With two slow-motion swoops, it was up and blotting out everything else in my windshield, banked left on a wingtip, and glided into the woods between the trees."

Thunderbird Sighting in the Woods

"It was extremely loud and I glanced up and saw a HUGE black bird. It was sitting above us and we seemed to startle it. It flew about 100 feet to a nearby branch. Its wingspan was at least ten feet."

Giant Bird-Bat Creature

"As we were taking our leave and driving away from the farm on their winding dirt driveway, something huge and brown crashed directly into the passenger-side window where my mom was sitting!"

Big Bird Beauty

"It was taller than me (I'm five feet tall,) with a wingspan of what had to have been twelve feet. It was very colorful, with a lot of yellow and red tints, but was also brown on its belly and neck, which was also thick."