What Are Tiger Woods' Endorsements?

Tiger Woods pictured during the 2007 Masters
Tiger Woods has had an endorsement deal with Nike, and worn the Nike 'Swoosh,' for as long as he's been a pro. Mike Ehrmann/WireImage/Getty Images

What are Tiger Woods' endorsements? It's easy enough to deciper which companies have endorsement deals or sponsorships with Woods - because Woods lists his sponsors on his Web site (tigerwoods.com).

Tiger Woods' Current Sponsors

As of January 2017, Woods had endorsement deals with the following companies:

  • Nike Golf, which signed Woods in 1996 and built its golf division around Woods. Nike stopped making golf clubs in 2016, but still outfits Woods in apparel and shoes.
  • TaylorMade Golf, who Woods signed with in January 2017 to play its woods, irons and wedges.
  • Bridgestone Golf, which has Woods signed to a golf ball deal.
  • Rolex, the watch makers.
  • Kowa, a diversified Japanese company whose pharmaceutical products include a pain medicine for which Woods does ads that air in Japan.
  • Upper Deck, the sports cards and collectibles company.
  • Hero Motor Group, the India-based motorcycle maker.

In addition, at the Hero World Challenge in December of 2016, Woods' golf bag sported the logo and colors of beverage company Monster Energy, so expect them (or their parent) to show up on Woods' endorsements list soon.

Woods also is a PGA Tour "partner" (with content exchanged between TigerWoods.com and PGATour.com).

Woods and Nike Go Back ... Forever

"Forever" as in since the moment Woods turned professional in 1996. In fact, when Woods turned pro and signed with Nike, the company didn't even have a golf division, although it was already making shoes and apparel.

Nike had to create "Nike Golf," its golf club business, just for Woods.

However, in mid-2016 Nike announced it was leaving the golf club business. That's what opened the door for TaylorMade and Bridgestone to strike their own equipment deals with El Tigre.

Woods' Former Endorsement Deals

Tiger has had many other sponsorship agreements over the years - many sponsors have come and gone, as is typical in the sports endorsement business.

Some of those companies left, however, in response to Woods' scandal-plagued 2009-10 season:

Woods had a partnership with Golf Digest from 1997 through 2010, but in early 2011 the parties announced they were ending Woods' tips column for the magazine.

One of Woods' longest-running sponsors, video game maker EA Sports, announced it was splitting with Woods in late 2013. That brought to an end the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game franchise.

Among the other companies over the years that have had (but no longer have) endorsement deals with Woods are:

  • AT&T
  • Accenture
  • Gatorade
  • Buick (General Motors)
  • Titleist
  • American Express
  • Gillette (Proctor & Gamble)
  • General Mills
  • TLC Laser Eye Centers
  • Tag Heuer

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