What Are Tiger Woods' Height and Weight?

Tiger Woods next to Corey Pavin at the 2005 US Open
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Leaving no stone unturned, eh? OK, then: Tiger Woods is 6-feet, 1-inch tall, and he weighs 185 pounds.

How Tall Is Tiger Woods?

The two questions on this page are easy to answer because Woods answers them himself on his official website (tigerwoods.com).

Woods is 6 feet, 1 inch tall - six-foot-one. Just for fun, we'll state that in several other ways:

  • Woods is 73 inches tall
  • He is 185.42 centimeters tall
  • He is 45 diameters of a golf ball tall
  • He is (roughly) 12 dollar bills placed end-to-end tall

We could go on. But we won't.

In PGA Tour media guides from earlier in his career, Woods was listed at 6-foot-2. Has he shrunk? Doubtful - athletes are notorious for fudging a bit on height and weight for media guides. Or maybe that earlier 6-foot-2 was a measurement in spikes. (Or maybe he did shrink! People do get shorter with age - the effects of gravity, natch. Tiger seems too young for that to have already knocked off a full inch, though.)

How Much Does Tiger Woods Weigh?

On Woods' Web site, his current weight is listed at 185 pounds.

Woods has bulked up quite a bit over the years, adding a lot of muscle, and if you compare images of the current Tiger to the Woods from the late 1990s you'll notice how skinny he looks in those earlier photos. That's what adopting a Navy Seals-style workout regimen can do.

When Woods turned pro, in 1996, his weight was in the 150s. A Sports Illustrated article from September 1996 listed Woods' weight at 158; a newspaper article from January 1997 pegged Woods at 155 pounds.

By 2004, however, the PGA Tour media guide listed Woods at 180 pounds. And, as noted, Woods' Web site now lists his weight as 185 pounds.

Now that he's forced to go easier on his body after multiple surgeries (and after turning pro), Woods has lost some of that bulkiness.