How Much Does Tiger Woods Practice Golf?

Tiger Woods practices chipping ahead of the Hero World Challenge at Albany, The Bahamas on November 29, 2016
Tiger Woods spends a lot of time practicing golf shots. Christian Petersen/Getty Images

El Tigre practices golf ... a lot. All the top professional golfers do - how do you think they got - and stay - so good? It's not "natural" talent. Oh, some may have natural talent, but they have to relentlessly hone that talent and build it and work on it to keep winning at golf.

As Lee Trevino once said, "There is no such thing as a natural touch. Touch is something you create by hitting millions of golf balls."

Length of Tiger Woods' Practice Sessions

Tiger Woods practice sessions are intense, focused - and lengthy. Woods once responded to a fan question about how much he practices golf by answering that his total daily golf practice sessions amounted to seven to eight hours in length.

Those golf sessions, Wood explained, were interspersed throughout the day with his workout routine, so that he would hit golf balls, do some fitness training, play golf, do some weight training, and so on throughout the day.

A Typical Day of Golf Practice for Woods

But his golf practice routine over the course of a typical day goes something like this, Woods explained:

  • Two hours of range-work and on-course swing work in the morning, followed by 30 minutes to an hour of putting practice.
  • Around noon, play nine holes.

  • In the afternoon, another 3-4 hours of on-course work focusing on the swing and short game. The afternoon session sometimes includes another nine holes playing golf.

    What About After the Back Surgeries?

    Although Woods presumably has adjusted his specific practice routines to try to relieve some of the pressure on his surgically repaired back, his daily work - once he was back at full speed - was no shorter.

    After missing all of the 2016 PGA Tour schedule, Woods returned to competitive golf at the 2016 Hero World Challenge in December.

    But all the way back in April of 2016 - seven months before he was ready to play tournament golf - Woods was, as reported by, practicing four to five hours a day.

    Back at full speed and ready to play tournament golf again, you can be sure that Woods' practice schedule was also back to normal - seven to eight hours per day.

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