Tim Grierson

Tim Grierson is a film and music critic covering rock music since 1993.


Wasting too many of his waking hours listening to and thinking about music, Tim has written album and concert reviews for publications such as Blender, Revolver, L.A. Weekly and Detroit's Metro Times. He has written music biographies on Wilco and Eels, and he has spoken at the EMP Pop Music Conference about, of all things, George Michael's "Father Figure." He does better with a real guitar than he does with Guitar Hero, which isn't saying much because he's terrible at both.

Tim Grierson

Like a lot of die-hard music fans, one of the saddest moments in my early years was the day I realized I couldn't play an instrument to save my life. But after accepting the fact that I was never going to become a guitar god, I realized that even if I couldn't start my own band, that didn't mean I had to stop loving the artists that got me into rock in the first place.

And so I turned to rock journalism. I wanted to dive into the music, decipher the lyrics and figure out what made a song so powerful. And, more importantly, I wanted to share those discoveries with other people, speaking fan to fan in a way that is persuasive and opinionated. The best rock music is lively, and so are the best conversations about rock music.

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