Time and Dimension Travel, Missing Time - True Stories

Time Slips, Shifts, and Other Dimensions

True stories of experiences with anomalies of time and space, including time travel, other dimensions and missing time.

Baby Monitor Time Warp

A couple hears the details of a past incident over a baby monitor.

Blip in Time

A student in Nova Scotia, Canada experiences a time slip aboard a bus.

A Brief Leap in Time

Fallbrook, California in 1994: a couple driving on a curvy road has a weird experience.

Church Apparition

Laurie and her husband visit an old broken-down church full of people, but when they return, it's gone.

The Conversation That Never Was

Jessica hears a conversation between her daughter and her mother... but it never happened.

Crosswalk to Another Dimension

Three friends in Camden Town, London experience a ripple in reality.

The Day the Creek Disappeared

"Before hiking Cedar Breaks and sloshing in Duck Creek, we planned on eating our lunch along that little creek off of Highway 14. But that's when things got strange. We couldn't find it...."

The Delayed Message

"He told us that he was in our house 18 years ago when his friend Jim Smith was laid out under the very window my wife and I experienced the voice and smell...."

Dimension Shift in Tacoma

Gary experiences dimensional weirdness at a theater.

Dimensional Shift on the Hutchinson

"I went into my pocketbook to get my license, and when I looked up, my car and I were sitting on the side of the entrance to the Throgs Neck Bridge -- well beyond the Hutchinson River Parkway, which I hadn't driven yet...."

Dimension Shifts in Yorkshire

While traveling a familiar road in Yorkshire, a couple gets a funny feeling and experiences a shift in time.

Disappearing Hole

Chris finds a strange hole in the ground... but then it disappears.

Distorted Time

March 15, 2004 - time slows at another crosswalk.

Future City

When two friends' truck breaks down and they start walking for help, they see a city from a future time.

Glimpse of Future Events

"I walked back into the living room. The 11 o'clock news was still on. I sat on the couch, confused and wondering what had just happened...."

Haunted by Leapfrogging Cars

"I couldn't understand what happened. I know the Torino didn't pass me and there was nowhere else for it to turn off then suddenly pull in front of me without noticing it...."

Gravestone Phantoms

Rich and his girlfriend come across a field of gravestones and see people hitting them with sledge hammers. But were they really there?

The Hole Truth

On a rainy day, Pearl sees a hole -- a vortex -- forming in her bed.

Hospital Space-Time Confusion

"Last Friday my husband went back to the hospital with me to hear the test results. He had never been there before. Usual routine: we parked, walked in, turned past the gift shop and... there was no check-in area...!"

He Got There Before He Arrived

Alabama in the 1920s, an event repeats itself before witnesses.

High Strangeness and Missing Time in Page

Lass has several instances of high strangeness, including a strange vehicle, odd lights, missing time and more.

The House That Wasn't There

A man and his son go and look at an old abandoned house with the idea of buying it, but when they return, it doesn't exist.

Instant Replay

Two children witness an instant replay in time.

Lagoon Mystery

Did Jacob experience another dimension when falling off a cliff?

The (Land)lady (and Boarding House) Vanishes

Sarah gets her father out of a boarding house... and the place disappears from the face of the earth.

London Time Slip

Ronnie encounters several kids from the past.

Lost Time

Austintown, Ohio on Route 76 back in 1981: a strange house lost in time.

Lost Time

Two blokes experience missing time while mountain biking.

Lost Time at the Movies

A guy experiences a time anomaly during a movie.

Love from Another Dimension

A chance meeting with a stranger... who's not a stranger.

The Marfa Lights and Lost Time

After viewing the Marfa Lights in Texas, a couple of seasoned campers experience missing time.

Missing Time

A warm August evening in Seattle, Washington, 1998: Two guys on the road have a most puzzling experience.

Missing Time in Germany

November, 2002 in Germany: an airman steps out of his apartment and into a time rift.

Missing Time and Out of Place

A mysterious fog transports a driver 300 miles from home.

Missing Time at Bedtime

"A 5½" x 7½" plastic hot-pad-trivet fell from out of the air, noisily hitting a small table that's next to that end of the counter, bounced off it and landed on the family room carpet...!"

Missing Time in New York

Robert drives from New York City to Syracuse, and it takes him 8 hours -- almost twice as long!

MUFON Time Slip, Or Just New Jersey?

"We started back on I95 going south and had couple of hours to spare to get back to Four Points Sheraton...."

Missing Time on Sprague Road

A man is driving when all of the dials on his truck -- gas, odometer, RPM, etc., including the radio dial -- go crazy. He loses 1-1/2 hours of time.

Missing Time While Cycling

"This whole thing happened while cycling 15km after the first stop, but what really astonished me was to see that two hours had gone between the first and second stops...!"

Missing Time While Hunting

While moose hunting, a father and son are misplaced in time and space.

Office Survey Time Slip

"When we got to the waiting room, I was shocked to see that there was no damage at all! How could that be? I just saw it...!"

Musing on the Multiverse

What if our journey covers many lives, Roberto asks, as ourselves, before we become what God wants us to be, and then we actually do die, from our final dimension, to go on to heaven or whatever.

Mysterious Glow and Missing Time

Two guys see a glowing object, then discover they've lost several hours.

Mystery at Camp

Camp counselors see something unexplained on a video recording.

Phantom Basement

Amy has a strange story of the house next door, which seems to have to completely different basements.

Phantom Cemetery

While hiking a trail, John passes a cemetery mostly of children, but when he returns it's not to be found.

Phantom Circus Tent

"We went home, and next day went to Burgess to find out about the circus... but we were very surprised to discover that there was no tent... no evidence on the grass to suggest there had been a tent of any kind...."

The Phantom Field

"As we were wondering why the dog hadn't reappeared on the other side of the hedge, the man also walked into the hedge and didn't reappear the other side...."

Phantom Mansion

Zulu tries to deliver a pizza to an old mansion that may or may not have really been there.

The Phantom Travel Agency

Cheri experiences the travel agency that wasn't really there.

Portal at House #7

In Finsbury Park, London, a man suspects that there may be some kind of dimensional portal on the block.

Rabbit and Missing Time

In Yorkshire, Garry and his friend come across a weird-looking rabbit, then experience missing time.

The Road to the Future is Paved

In Diaz, Arkansas, a man comes across a road he knows is gravel, but now it's paved... and then it's gravel again.

Road Trip Time Trip

While on a road trip to Florida, this mom and a friend drive through a past time.

Road Vortex

When this woman was crossing a tiny bridge, she realized that she was not where she should be at all -- and had no explanation for it.

Sheep Fall Replay

Martin sees a sheep fall out of a truck -- twice, in exactly the same way.

Slip Back in Time

A couple comes upon an old play fort -- and perhaps two kids from another time.

Stepped into Another Dimension

Chris steps into his bedroom, but finds there are no walls, floor or ceiling... but there is a strange being.

Strange Incident at Coburg Castle

"I looked down for a place to sit, but when I looked up, the city was gone. In fact, only a small, ancient-looking cluster of building could be seen in the far distance...."

Super Exhaustion or Missing Time?

In 1993, Jayson has a case of what could be called "missing time" at McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey.

Three Tall Beings

A woman wakes to see three tall beings standing by her bedside. Were they from another dimension?

Time Glitch

Erin is walking on the beach when a jogger approaches... then a few seconds later, he approaches again.

A Thriftstore on the Edge of Forever

This mom goes to the thrift store, but wonders if she stepped into another time.

Time Glitch Alters Fate?

A medical transcriber hears information on the recording that could only have some from the future.

Time Rewind in the Attic

"One early morning in March of 1995, I was awakened by a very loud sound. It was directly above me in the attic. A loud crash, sounding almost as if a large cabinet had fallen over. Worse, I could distinctly hear broken glass shattering...."

Time Slip in Georgia

"I took Route 122 as usual to avoid traffic. Then it got sort of weird. The fog was crazy thick on each side, but I could see the road okay...."

Time Slip in the Pyrenees

"'That's strange... Why is the sun so high in the sky? It's overhead, but it's almost 5 p.m.' I looked at the car clock to confirm that it was indeed 5, but -- and I swear -- it read 12:05 p.m...."

Time Slip in Manitoba

"I drove for a couple of minutes, then looked up and saw the Halfway Tree. I thought, Whoa! What's going on here? That can't be right! I looked down at the clock and it read 5:11. Two minutes later...."

Time Slip or Future Vision

May has a waking vision of a helicopter crash. When it comes true, she wonders if she saw through time.

Timeslip Journey

John and his friend get some refreshment from a woman at a cottage, but the cottage does not exist.

Time Slip to a Nightmare

Anne is suddenly and mysteriously transported to another place... and time?

Time Slip to the 1930s

"There was not a sound of life anywhere. That's when I noticed that the homes lining this residential street all were different: smaller and dated looking...."

Time Slipped Church

A taxi driver sees a church as it existed in the past... or the future.

Time-Traveling Car

Jane goes to buy a Christmas present, but when she goes looking for her car, it's not where she parked it.

Time Warp at the Black Mile

Angel thinks she is walking into the school restroom, but instead enters a futuristic computer room.

Timewarp Detour from Warwick Castle

After a visit to Warwick Castle, a couple gets lost... impossibly.

Time Warp at Woodside

"I'd somehow traveled back 15 minutes and was now watching myself. I waited for the other me to enter the forest before leaving where I was, as I didn't want to somehow disturb time and space by meeting myself, and warning myself that strange things were about to happen...."

Unfortunate Portal

"After around ten minutes had passed, I called out to him again. Still, there was no reply. This time the both of us called out to him! Still nothing, so we started walking back toward the brick building...."

Time Warp to the Future

This guys says he found a top secret file that revealed information about a mathematic / scientific genius who developed a formula for tracking and locating existing time warps for historic and futuristic time travel.

UFO and Missing Time

One night, Stephenie hears a low humming sound outside of her window....

Visit to Another Dimension

Lynn experiences a weird trip to a place that is not quite like Earth.

Weird Time Rift

When in high school, Sophie and a friend step into a slip in time.

Window Vortex Apparition

Magi applies some Gallery Glass to a window and gets a very strange effect.

The Witch's Basement

S. J.'s grandfather went into the basement of the local witch's house... but it didn't really have one.

Visit to Another Dimension 2

Tony says, "I literally forced myself up out of my body through the top of my head. There I was, floating in the middle of my bedroom in the beautiful form of a radiant bluish-light!"

Weird Shower Vortex of Noise and Time

Some problems with the shower plumbing turn into something more mysterious.

Wrong Way to Norfolk

In Norfolk, England, a couple drives into another dimension.
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