Time Expression Quiz

Do you know which time expression fits?

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1. _______ we get to the meeting, the presentation will have started.
2. Does he remember what he was doing _______?
3. It's ages _______ I played golf.
4. Tom's ______ popped out for a moment. He'll be back soon.
5. ________, we'll have to bite the bullet and buy a new car.
6. ________ he hasn't managed to find a new job.
7. Jack's _______ complaining about his boss. He should find a new job.
8. Janet hasn't been feeling well ______.
9. My grandmother doesn't get out much _________.
10. Janus shopping mall opens _______.
11. John will have finished the report _______
12. I used to play tennis _________.
13. ___________, she had already left for the airport.
14. I began using a computer ________.
15. I'll be sitting on the beach _________.
Time Expression Quiz
You got: % Correct. You Know Your Time Expressions!
I got You Know Your Time Expressions!. Time Expression Quiz
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 You've obviously studied the use of time expressions in detail. Congratulations! Remember to always first check a time expression before choosing your tense. Continue studying English and you'll be fluent in no time. 

Time Expression Quiz
You got: % Correct. Good Job, but You Can Do Better!
I got Good Job, but You Can Do Better!. Time Expression Quiz
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Good job on the time expression quiz. However, you can do even better. Remember that knowing time expressions will help you choose your tense. For example, if you are taking a quiz on tenses, first look for a time expression. Once you know the time expression, then decide which tense to use. 

Time Expression Quiz
You got: % Correct. You'll Need to Review Time Expressions
I got You'll Need to Review Time Expressions. Time Expression Quiz
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You'll need to study time expressions more carefully. It's important to learn that time expressions take specific tenses in English. Learn which tense goes with which time expression and your English accuracy will improve.