Timeline of Ancient Greek History

Major events in the history of Ancient Greece

Pericles from the Altes Museum in Berlin. A Roman copy of a Greek work sculpted after 429.
Pericles from the Altes Museum in Berlin. A Roman copy of a Grek work sculpted after 429. Photo taken by Gunnar Bach Pedersen. Public Domain; Courtesy of Gunnar Bach Pedersen/Wikipedia.

Major Events in Greek History | Era-by-Era Greek Timeline | Major Events in Ancient History

Ancient Classical History (Classical Antiquity) begins with Homer, Hesiod and the Olympic Games in Greece and the founding of Rome in Italy. The first part of Classical Antiquity is known as the Archaic Age in Greece. It was followed by the Classical Age of Greece. The Classical Age gave way to the Hellenistic era after the Macedonians Alexander the Great and his father conquered Greece and much of the Mediterranean world.
The Romans then conquered the Greeks, but by the time the Roman Empire fell in Italy, the Byzantine Empire, headquartered in Constantinople, was in Greek hands again. Here are some of the major events by century in ancient Greece.

8th Century B.C. Ancient Greece Timeline

~ 800-700

Period of the rise of the individual city-states or poleis.

~ 725

Sparta turns the Messenians into Helots
Messenian Wars end 668 B.C.
7th Century B.C. Timeline

Lawgivers in Sparta (Lycurgus) and Athens

~ 632

Cylon tries to become tyrant

~ 612

6th Century B.C. Timeline

~ 594

Solon elected sole archon

~ 521

Darius, King of Persia

~ 508/7

Democratic Reforms of Cleisthenes
5th Century B.C. Timeline

~ 490

Battle of Marathon

~ 479

Battle of Salamis

~ 477

Delian League

~ 462

Pericles persecutes Cimon

~ 460

1st Peloponnesian War

~ 446

Beginning 30 year's peace

~ 425

Alcibiades breaks Peace of Nicias

~ 421-413

2nd Stage of Peloponnesian War

~ 413-404

3rd Stage of Peloponnesian War ending when Athens surrenders.

~ 404-403

Spartan hegemony
4th Century B.C. Timeline

~ 395-387

Corinthian War

~ 392

Romans begin conquest of Italy

~ 355

Philip of Macedonia begins conquest of Greece

~ 338

Philip victorious over Greece at the Battle of Chaeronea

~ 336

Philip assassinated

~ 333

Battle of Issus - Alexander the Great
3rd Century B.C. Ancient Greece

~ 215-169

Macedonian Wars
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