Timeline of the Persian Wars 492-449

Timeline of Major Events in the Persian Wars

Detail from the archer's frieze at the palace of Darius in Susa from 510 B.C. Public Domain. Courtesy of Wikipedia. Frieze is in the Louvre.

Timeline of Classical Greece | Timeline of the Persian Wars

Battles of the Persian Wars are named for their locations. The following timeline shows the major battles of the Persian Wars (Greco-Persian Wars) in chronological sequence.

502Naxos.Revolt precipitating the Ionian revolt.
c. 500 B.C.Ionian Revolt in Asia minor 
498Sardis.Persians led by Aristagoras with Athenian and Eritrean allies occupied Sardis. The city was burned and the Greeks met and were defeated by a Persian force. This was the end of the Athenian involvement in the Ionian revolt.
492Naxos.Persians invaded; inhabitants fled; the Persians burned the town, but Delos was spared.
490Eretria.Persians under Datis (later defeated at Marathon) given the city within a week by traitors. Inhabitants enslaved.

Battle of Marathon

481Greek LeagueGreek league against Persia, with Sparta in charge of the army, and Athens, the navy.
480Battle at Thermopylae



 Battle at Salamis



480-479Potidaea and Olynthus.Persians on their way back from Salamis to Thessaly lay seige to Potidaea and Olynthus. Olynthus was given to the Chalcidians who were faithful to the Persians. Potidaea successfully withstood a 3-month siege.

Battle at Plataea



AugustMycale.Soon after Plataea, Athenians attacked Persians; Ionian allies deserted the Persians leading to Greek victory.

End of Persian Invasion of Mainland Greece

Athens, in charge of the Delian League, went on the offensive to free the Ionian cities.
478Sestus.Taken by the Athenians. Beginning of the Athenian Empire.

Byzantium. The Spartan Pausanias delivered most of Cyprus from Persian rule. He then went to Byzantium where he did the same. However, he oppressed the Greeks there which led the eastern Greeks to seek the protection of Athens.

477Aristides formsDelian League
476/5Eion.Cimon captured this important Persian stronghold east of the Hellespont.
 Doriskos.Athenian fleet attempted to take Doriscus. We don't know the results.
468Eurymedon (River).Cimon delivered the coast towns of Caria from Persian rule. Fought the Persians by land and sea. Made southern Asia Minor, from Caria to Pamphylia, part of the Athenian federation.
456Prosopitis.Greeks were stranded by the Persians in Egypt. They capitulated and were allowed to leave.
450/449Cyprus, Salamis.Phoenicians were establishing the authority of Artaxerxes in Cyprus when Cimon was sent to deal with them. Although Cimon died, the Greeks achieved a double victory.
449Peace of CalliasPersia and Athens sign peace treaty.
Source: J.B. Bury. A History of Greece.