Tiberius Timeline

Tiberius was the second emperor of Rome, usually remembered for ducking out of Rome to shirk his political responsibilities and pursue sexual aberrations his biographers scorned, while leaving Rome in the blood-drenched, ambitious hands of his praetorian prefect, Sejanus.

Augustus did not originally want to name Tiberius his successor, but Augustus' preferred candidates died, and so, after the first emperor died, Tiberius became emperor on September 17, A.D. 14. This Tiberius timeline shows events relevant to the rule of Emperor Tiberius.

This Tiberius Timeline is based on Tiberius, by Robin Seager; Wiley-Blackwell, 2005.

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1st Century B.C.

Tiberius - St Petersburg - Hermitage
Tiberius - St Petersburg - Hermitage. First quarter of the 1st century AD. Marble. CC Flickr User thisisbossi.
  • 42 B.C.: Ti. Nero praetor. Tiberius' birth on November 16.
  • 38 B.C.: Birth of Drusus on Jan. 14. The marriage of Octavian and Livia on January 17.
  • 33 B.C.: Death of Ti. Nero. Betrothal of Tiberius and Vipsania (?).
  • 27 B.C.: Tiberius assumes the toga virilis on April 24.
  • 26 B.C.: Tiberius is military tribune in Spain.
  • 23 B.C.: Tiberius is quaestor.
  • 22 B.C.: Tiberius prosecutes Fannius Caepio.
  • 21 B.C.: Marriage of Agrippa and Julia.
  • 20 B.C.: Tiberius in Armenia. The marriage of Tiberius and Vipsania (?).
  • 17 B.C.: Adoption by Augustus of Gaius and Lucius.
  • 16 B.C.: Tiberius is praetor.
  • 15 B.C.: Tiberius and Drusus in Rhaetia and Vindelicia. Birth of Germanicus on May 24.
  • 14 B.C.: Birth of Drusus on October 7.
  • 13 B.C.: Tiberius is consul for the first time.
  • 12 B.C.: Agrippa dies, in February. Agrippa Postumus is born.
    Tiberius is betrothed to Julia. Tiberius goes to Illyricum.
  • 11 B.C.: Tiberius in Illyricum. Tiberius and Drusus receive proconsular imperium. Tiberius marries Julia.
  • 10 B.C.: Tiberius in Illyricum. Julia and Tiberius have a son.
  • 9 B.C.: Tiberius in Illyricum. Drusus is consul and dies.
  • 8 B.C.: Tiberius in Germany.
  • 7 B.C.: Tiberius in Germany. Tiberius is consul a second time. Tiberius has a triumph in January.
  • 6 B.C.: Tiberius receives tribunician power and retires to Rhodes.
  • 2 B.C.: Tiberius and Julia divorce; Julia exiled.
  • 1 B.C.: Gaius goes on a mission to the East.
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1st Century A.D.

Imperator Tiberius Caesar Augustus
Imperator Tiberius Caesar Augustus. © Trustees of the British Museum, produced by Natalia Bauer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme
  • A.D. 1: Gaius consul.
  • A.D. 2: Tiberius returns to Rome. Lucius dies (August 20).
  • A.D. 4: Gaius dies (February 21). Tiberius receives tribunician power. Tiberius adopts Germanicus. Tiberius and Agrippa Postumus adopted by Augustus (June 26). [See: Roman Imperial Succession.] Tiberius goes to Germany.
  • A.D. 5: Tiberius in Germany.
  • A.D. 6: Pannonian revolt.
  • A.D. 7-9: Tiberius in Illyricum.
  • A.D. 9: Clades Variana.
  • A.D. 10-11: Tiberius in Germany.
  • A.D. 12: Germanicus is consul. Gaius (Caligula) born on August 31. Tiberius' triumph on October 23.
  • A.D. 13: Tiberius' imperium = Augustus'. Tiberius' tribunician power is renewed.
  • A.D. 14: Death of Augustus on August 19. Execution of Agrippa Postumus. Tiberius accepts principate on September 17. Germanicus is in Germany. The death of Julia.
  • A.D. 15: Drusus is consul. Tiberius becomes Pontifex maximus on March 10.
  • A.D. 16: Germanicus in Germany.
  • A.D. 17: Germanicus' triumph (May 26). Drusus to Illyricum. Germanicus appointed to the East. Earthquake in Asia.
  • A.D. 17-24: War against Tacfarinas (who rebelled) in north Africa, commanded by Sejanus' uncle Quintus Junius Blaesus.
  • A.D. 18: Tiberius is consul a third time. Drusus is consul a second time. Tiberius in Campania.
  • A.D. 22: Drusus receives tribunician power.
  • A.D. 23: Sejanus and Apicata divorce. Drusus dies (September 14). Drusus' son Germanicus dies.
  • A.D. 26: Tiberius leaves Rome.
  • A.D. 27: Tiberius retires to Capri.
  • A.D. 28: Trial of Titius Sabinus. The marriage of Agrippina the younger to Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus.
  • A.D. 29: Death of Livia. Exile of Agrippina and Nero.
  • A.D. 30: Imprisonment of Asinius Gallus, Drusus. Betrothal of Sejanus and Livia Julia.
  • A.D. 33: Death of Asinius Gallus. The death of Drusus. The death of Agrippina (Oct 18).
  • A.D. 37: Death of Tiberius (March 16). Funeral on April 3.