20 Naughty Trees That Are Letting It All Hang Out

These very dirty trees should probably put some pants on!

Picture it, you're hiking through a beautiful forest or park, minding your own business, when suddenly... got wood? We're not talking about nudity of the human variety; we're talking about what happens when objects found in nature start looking a little too much like the human form for the sake of propriety.

The following naturally-occurring plants and trees have all grown organically into the kinds of scandalous shapes that would make even the most seasoned botanist blush. I'll be the first to admit that clothes do have their place in modern day society. Specifically how they cover up your junk and keep everyday interactions from being totally awkward on every conceivable level. I get it, I do. People should wear appropriate clothing in public, end of story. But trees? Do you propose that we go around putting pants on trees and Bonsai plants now?  Who has the time for that?

Instead, let's take a picture of nature's booty, er, bounty, and laugh about it on the internet!

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Your Headlights are Showing

boob tree
Via 9gag.

If your inner 12 year-old boy is giggling uncontrollably, we completely understand. We'd be surprised if he wasn't laughing.

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Bum Tree

Tree Booty
Via Funnyjunk.

Big booties are always popular, so it makes sense that we'd have to feature the Kim Kardashian of trees.  Although this tree looks a lot more all natural than Mrs. West's famous a$$. (and no, I don't mean her husband -- ZING!).


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The Gang's All Here

dirty nature
Via Funnyjunk.

The tree on the far right is okay with just watching. He's kinky like that.

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Carrot Bottom

carrot wang
Via Dumpaday.

Now that is one sexy source of beta-carotene.  Mr. and Mrs. Naked Carrot will give you your dose of vitamins... along with a big dose of SEX-AY.

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Right Back At Ya', Buddy

Via Elite Daily.

Well, I never!

Okay, yes I have.  But still, this tree is totally rude and in need of an attitude adjustment. Don't make me get my hedge clippers, bro. I'll do it; don't think I won't!

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Strawberry Peen Forever

dirty nature strawberry
Via gosocial.

That is certainly one luscious strawberry. So ripe and, um, juicy.

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Vulva Tree

vulva tree
Via Dumpaday.

The "vagina tree" has stood for a hundred years, and will stand for a hundred more. Long live the vagina tree!

The piercing is a nice touch too, by the way.

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Wonky Wooden Ta-Tas

Via Acid Cow.

Wow, that's unfortunate, but a good supportive bra could fix this right up.  Lift and separate, girlfriend.

Via Reddit.

This Bonsai tree was posted on Reddit by a user called "vegansaul" along with a caption describing the tiny tree as "the man of the house."

We can see why! Way to let it all hang out, little guy. More »

Via Reddit.

RodDryFist (nice username) replied to the above post on Reddit with his own slightly sleazy mini tree, along with the caption, "I think the man of the house should meet my friends [sic] plant, Miley."

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Via Reddit.

Redditor Fat_Brando thought this tree looked more like a scrotum than a tush, but you be the judge.  I say, why do we have to choose? This tree can be BOTH. More »

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Graceful, But Still Nekkid

Via Acid Cow.

There's no doubt about it; this beautiful tree does look very much like a lady.  A naked lady.

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Back It Up

Via The Chive.

Beep, beep, beep.... Back the truck up!  

These trees need to get a room.

Where have we seen this kind of thing before?  Oh yeah, here: 18 Shocking Photobombs We Never Saw Coming!

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Om Nom Nom Nom

Via Elite Daily.

This is the Cookie Monster of trees. How does that fence taste, tree buddy?  Yum.

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Groot, is that you?

Via Elite Daily.

This thing puts the "root" in "Groot!" But Jeez, Groot, could you please put it away? There are children present.


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Humping Tree

Via Cheezburger.

It's a little tree humping a bigger tree.  Of course.

For some reason this makes me think of this, but that's wrong. Right?  

Yeah, that's what I thought.

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As Dry and Vast as the Sahara

desert vagina
Via Pinterest/latestfunnystuff.com.

Hey look, it's a picture of your mom.

(Kidding! Please don't send me hate mail.)

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This Tree is Ladylike

crossing legs tree
Via Mandatory.

At least some parts of nature know when to keep those knees together! After looking at that last image, this one is downright demure.

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Meet Prickly Pete

penis cactus
Via Pinterest/rieniedenner/naughty-nature.

In spite of his impressive size, Prickly Pete is not too popular with the ladies.

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Scandalized Tree is Scandalized

screaming tree
Via Scribol.

Okay, this image isn't technically "dirty," but he is clearly shocked by all of these other wanton acts of nudity! If s/he had pearls, he'd definitely be clutching them in alarm.


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