Timestable Facts to 10

Test your students' skills with one-minute printables

The following worksheets are multiplication fact tests. Students should complete as many of the problems on each sheet as they can. Even though students can quickly access calculators using their smartphones, memorizing multiplication facts is still a vital skill. It's as important to know the multiplication facts to 10 as it is to count. The student worksheet PDF in each section is followed by a duplicate printable containing the answers to the problems, making grading the papers much easier.

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One- Minute Times Tables Test No. 1

Multiplication Facts to 10
Test 1. D. Russell

This one-minute drill can serve as a good pretest. Use this first times table printable to see what students know. Tell students that they will have one minute to figure out the problems in their heads and then list the correct answers next to each problem (after the = sign). If they don't know the answer, tell students to just skip the problem and move on. Tell them that you'll call "time" when the minute is up and that they then need to immediately put their pencils down. 

Have students swap papers so that each pupil can grade his neighbor's test as you read the answers. This will save you a lot of time on grading. Have students mark which answers are incorrect, and then have them total that number at the top. This also gives students great practice in counting.

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One-Minute Times Tables Test No. 2

Multiplication Facts to 10
Test 2. D.Russell

After you look over the results from the test in slide No. 1, you'll quickly see if students are having any difficulty with their multiplication facts. You'll even be able to see which numbers are giving them the most problems. If the class is struggling, review the process for learning the multiplication table, then have them complete this second times table test to see what they have learned from your review.

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One-Minute TimesTtables Test No. 3

Multiplication Facts to 10
Test 3. D. Russell

Don't be surprised if you find—after reviewing the results of the second times table test—that students are still struggling. Learning multiplication facts can be difficult for young learners, and endless repetition is the key to helping them. If needed, use a times table to review multiplication facts with students. Then have students complete the times table test that you can access by clicking the link in this slide.

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One-Minute Times Tables Test No. 4

Multiplication Facts to 10
Test 4. D. Russell

Ideally, you should have students complete a one-minute times table test every day. Many teachers even assign these printables as quick and easy homework assignments that the students can do at home as their parents monitor their efforts. This also lets you show parents some of the work the students are dong in class—and it only takes a minute, literally.

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One-Minute Times Tables Test No. 5

Multiplication Facts to 10
Test 5. D. Russell

Before you finish your week of times table tests, do a quick review with students of some of the problems they might encounter. For example, explain to them that any number times itself is that number, such as 6 X 1 = 6, and 5 X 1 = 5, so those should be easy. But, to determine what, say, 9 X 5 equals, the students will have to know their times tables. Then, give them the one-minute test from this slide and see if they've progressed during the week.