Timothy Healey

Tim Healey is an automotive analyst who researches the industry and provides insight to clients. In addition, he is a freelance automotive journalist with seven years of experience covering every aspect of the industry from enthusiast, consumer, and lifestyle perspectives.


Tim has worked for or written for Consumer Guide Automotive, Web2Carz.com, AutoGuide.com, High Gear Media, The Detroit Bureau, and other outlets, before joining Mintel as an automotive analyst. He's been a car nut for as long as he can remember, and he loves every aspect of the industry from product to corporate news to everything in between. Before writing about cars, Tim worked in the retail side of the industry at the dealership level, including some time in the trenches with a couple of different luxury brands.

Tim loves muscle and sports cars, but he's covered every aspect of the industry, which makes him well-versed in the luxury segments. With seven years of industry experience, Tim knows what luxury-car buyers and fans are looking for when they hit the Internet to learn more about what's going on in the market.


Tim has an undergraduate degree in communication and a Master's degree in journalism, both from a large, urban university in the Midwest.

Timothy Healey

I live and breathe cars. Fast cars, luxury cars, small cars, big cars—I love them all. Car tech fascinates me, too. My goal here is to inform and entertain luxury-car buyers and fans

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