How Much to Tip a Poker Dealer

Your Guide to Tipping at the Poker Table

Tipping a Poker Dealer
How Much to Tip a Poker Dealer.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to tipping at the poker table -- most players give the dealer a token each time they win a hand. Others tip a set amount at the end of each session or when each dealer rotates around. Both are acceptable, but one thing is certain: You should tip your poker dealer.

If you tip for winning hands, you don't have to tip when you win just the blinds or for very small pots, but you should tip for any regular-sized pot.

You don't have to tip more because the pot is bigger, but many players do. Tip about one small blind per hand that you win. For instance, at a $1-2 no-limit game, a $1 tip is fine. At a $5-10 limit game, a $2 tip is plenty.

If you tip at the end of a session, it's a more fair way to tip but less common. It is nice to show a good Blackjack dealer that he or she is appreciated and did a good job whether or not the cards are lucky for you during that time. If you choose to tip this way, tip a few dollars from $1 to $2 at a smaller-stakes game to $5-10 at a higher stakes game for each session, depending on how frequently the dealers rotate. If they are rotating every 30 minutes, you'll want to stay at the lower end so you don't tip away your profit!